Wreath Making Instructions and Tips

By following a few helpful wreath making instuctions and tips and using a prepared base, you can create your own signature wreath limited only by personal preference and imagination. Here are a few tips for a successful project.

  • Basic tools needed
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Floral wire
  • Florist tape
  • Florist picks
  • Florist pins
  • Tacky glue
  • Wire cutters
  • Ruler
  • Measuring tape
  • Pliers

Additional materials
The materials that you can put on your wreath are endless. Some common materials used include ribbons, flowers, pine cones, seashells, twigs, branches, feathers, light strands and raffia. You can also consider hanging a large ribbon or wooden sign in the center of your wreath to display a message, such as "Happy Holidays," "Welcome," etc.

Choosing a wreath base
There are a few styles that you can choose from.

Straw base: Easy to add decorative materials, such as ribbons, flowers and wooden shapes. The surface is generally flat. This base is a good choice if you want to cover the entire base so it cannot be seen.

Grapevine base: Easy to add decorative materials, such as ribbon, flowers, and berries. This style gives a woodsy, outdoors style to your project. The surface is uneven, giving it that rustic quality. This base is perfect if you want to show off the base as part of the overall wreath.

Styrofoam base: Very easy to add a multitude of materials, such as sequins, flowers, ribbons, etc. You can easily wrap the entire base with cloth or ribbon to make a truly unique wreath.

Wire base: A little more difficult to add materials. This base is intended to be wrapped in cloth or ribbon, unless you are creating a wreath from live evergreens, which will naturally cover the base for you.

Keep in mind that you will need a heavier or larger base if you plan on adding items such as pine cones, seashells or other large and heavy materials to your wreath to support the weight.

Making a wreath hanger
A wreath hanger allows you to hang your wreath where you desire. You should do this step before starting to decorate your wreath. The wreath base you use will determine whether or not you need a hanger. Styrofoam and straw bases are easy to hang with a nail and may not require a hanger. Heavy and large wreaths, such as those made with grapevine and wire bases, need a hanger to help keep them centered.

First, determine where the top of your wreath will be. Simply slip a floral wire through a few of the branches in the back of your grapevine wreath (or around the wire of the your wire-based wreath) and twist the wire ends together. Remember to keep the floral wire towards the top of the wreath. Make sure the loop is fastened securely before hanging your wreath.

Wreath-making tips

If your wreath starts looking over-crowded and materials are hanging over the edge too much, this is a good indication that you need a bigger base.

Be careful when using a hot glue gun. They can produce unsightly strands that will need to be cut away to keep your wreath looking good.

While you may intend to pass on your wreath to future generations, it is not something that will last forever. It is a good idea to write down exactly how you made your wreath so future generations can recreate a family heirloom in no time.

Remember to wrap your flower stems in an orderly fashion to keep them from sticking out of the wreath. You can lessen this often tedious task by cutting the stems to a shorter length before you begin wrapping them. Reinforce flowers without stems with wire.

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