How To Dress As Santa This Christmas: Top Tips on Dressing Up As Santa

It is one thing for a child to see a dress up Santa in a department store; it is another to see Santa come to their house. Children are critical though, if you are going to do it you need to do it right. So just how do you dress up as Santa?

The most important part of this is the child not realising who is beneath the costume. Some parents choose to ask a friend to dress up as Santa, some will try to keep the child at a distance from ?'Santa?' (such as just seeing him drop off a letter from Santa at the door for example) while others will just put on a voice and wing it.

Make sure that beard is fixed on tight! There is nothing you can prepare to explain Santa?'s beard falling off. Whenever possible, you might consider leaning your chin on your hand to prevent it from falling (or being pulled) off.

If you do happen to be caught out dressing up as Santa, Christmas Eve is not the time to tell a child the truth about Santa. Have something prepared such as ?'Santa is very busy so he sent me his spare suit?'.

When you think to yourself ?'How do you dress up as Santa??' The obvious part is getting the suit. Your best bet is a costume shop. Many will sell out by Christmas Eve but if you go early enough you can pick one up. Don?'t forget you can buy them online as well; some of the lower quality ones are fairly cheap. Post services will be busy though so get the suit early and hide it away.

Have a basic plan outlined, if it is someone the child knows keep the meeting brief and bring along a toy or a few sweets (it is Santa after all). Many stores carry ?'letters from Santa?'. These won?'t cost you much but can be personalised with the child?'s name. You could even print out one yourself and personalise the entire message.

If you are doing it on Christmas Eve, you can play the ?'remember to be good?' and ?'go to bed early?' cards. Finish by reminding them to leave a carrot for the reindeer and they need to be asleep. If they complain about you going, tell them you have a busy night ahead.

Nobody can tell you the best way on how to dress up as Santa for your child. Personalise it as much as you can to make it special for them. And remember to enjoy it yourself as well, it is Christmas after all.


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