Sample Letters from Santa Claus

Checking out sample letters from Santa Claus is a good first step if you want to create your own letter from Santa to your kids to receive a letter from Santa. A sample Santa letter will inspire you and give you ideas of what to include in a Santa letter to kids.

Be sure to have someone else hand write the letter so your child doesn't recognize your handwriting. Another option is to type the Santa letter to the kids, which also solves the problem of handwriting recognition. Here are some ideas of what to include, and resources for sample texts you can adapt for your own creative letter from Santa.

What to include
To make the letter immediately sound as if it's from Santa, be sure to include "Ho ho ho!" Have Santa talk about how busy he is at the North Pole, and how excited he is to share the wonderful gifts he is preparing for your child. It's fun to throw in an anecdote or two about the elves, Mrs. Claus and the reindeer.

Have Santa congratulate your child on something he has done well this year, to let your child know that Santa has been paying attention. You can have Santa remind your child to do homework or keep her room clean to stay at the top of the "Nice" list.  End on a happy note about how much Santa can't wait to visit your home and a wish for a wonderful Christmas.

Delivering the Letter
The simplest way to get the letter to your child is to leave it with the gifts on Christmas morning. This gives your child something to open and enjoy, rather than tearing into the presents.

Another fun option is to have the letter delivered by mail with a genuine North Pole postmark. This is a huge thrill for the kids. The US Postal Service can help, and all it will cost is an extra stamp. Simply put the letter in an envelope, address the letter to your child and put Santa Claus, North Pole, as the return address. Include the proper postage, then place the letter in an outer envelope with postage and the following address:

North Pole Christmas Cancellation
Postmaster, 5400 Mail Trail
Fairbanks, AK

Remember that you need postage both for the letter to your child and the outer envelope. Postal service workers in Fairbanks will stamp your letter from Santa with a North Pole postmark and send it back to you. Plan early for this, as things get very busy at the North Pole's official post office around the holidays.

Samples to View
Some Web sites with sample letters to inspire you include,, and These sites include pre-written letters that allow you to fill in the blanks and print a personalized letter. Some of these sites will ship the letter directly for a fee.

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