Christmas Stocking Stuffers Ideas

If you're scratching your head about what to get your kids this Christmas season, try out these Christmas stocking stuffer ideas.

Toddler boys and girls
When it comes to toddlers, safety is of the utmost importance. A lot of typical stocking stuffers aren't good for this age of child. Here are some safe alternatives.

Bath toys: Rubber duckies, bath crayons and washcloths are useful and fun for your toddler. Choose a theme like frogs, fish or bubbles and buy bath accessories that coordinate together.

Food: While chocolate and candy might be your first choice for older children, you should choose healthy treats for your toddler. Fruit snacks and Teddy Grahams are available in small packages that fit right into stockings.

School age girls
School age children love little trinkets and treasures. At this age, they are starting to explore their independence so getting them a gift that allows them to express this is great.

Lip gloss: Little girls love lip gloss and fortunately they fit well into stockings. Look for fun fruit flavors at the drug store.

Hair accessories: Whether you pick a collection of scrunchies, some headbands or some sequined clips, your daughter will appreciate the gift of beauty.

Bath gels: Pretty smelling bubble baths and bath gels will make any young girl happy.

School age boys
Slime: This silly putty like substance is perfect for school age boys. They can shape it, stretch it out and leave it in conspicuous places.

Growing toys: These are available in capsule form and grow when they are submerged in water. You can get them in dinosaur shapes, car shapes and other boy friendly themes.

Small action figures or cars: These fit well into stockings and will be well appreciated by boys. You can find them at dollar stores.

Teenagers may think they have outgrown Christmas and stockings, but they'll enjoy special small gifts picked out just for them.

Teen girls
Costume jewelry: With costume jewelry, you can buy basic pieces that you won't have to worry about if your daughter ends up losing them.

Novelty socks: Christmas themed socks, socks with funny characters or socks with individual toes are fun to place in your daughter's stocking.

Christmas ornaments: Someday your daughter will be older and have her own tree. You can start her collection off now so she has something to take with her to college and beyond.

Teen boys
Music downloads: You can buy $10 or $20 gift cards for itunes or other music download stores, which your son will be sure to enjoy.

Funny t-shirts: These are available at all the major clothing retailers. They can be rolled up and stuffed into stockings.

Small gadgets and tools: Whether it's an alarm clock, a set of small tools or some kind of brand new gadget, teen boys love these kinds of gifts.

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