Unusual Themes for Christmas Stockings

To create unusual Christmas stockings this year, choose a theme that matches the specific age and gender of the individual who is receiving the Christmas stocking. Just use his favorite pastime or hobby as a guideline, and your recipient will love the stockings hanging from the mantel on Christmas morning.

Cute Stockings for Girls
Girls of all ages love fashion and glamour. What little girl doesn't like to play dress up? So why not pick her favorite fashion icon, such as Barbie, Cinderella or Hannah Montana, and design a stocking related to one of these? Fill up the stocking with sunglasses, lipstick, jewelry or other accessories that relate to the icon, and add some stickers, stencils or hot-glued gems to the outside for the finishing touches.

Fast and Furious Stockings for Boys
Think cars, action figures, super heroes and video games. You can find small items that relate to all their favorite toys, even miniature portable games. Even add some clothing items like hats, socks or t-shirts. Any item with a flame decal or racing stripes is bound to be a hit. Stockings for sports fans are even easier. Fill the stocking with sports memorabilia, including player cards. For the exterior, cut out names of teams, player's statistics and pictures of famous ballparks, and hot glue them to the outside of the stocking.

Stockings for the Big Boys
Come to think of it, stockings for men aren't all that different from stockings for boys. Most men are sports fanatics. This Christmas holiday, try choosing his favorite sport, anything from golf to hockey, and design a stocking related to that theme. For example, you could fill the stocking with an issue of Sports Illustrated to indicate you got him a subscription, or you could tuck in a pair of tickets to a major game underneath a rolled-up sports jersey.

Your options are endless. Have a price range in mind, and start searching the newspapers and Web for items that are theme-appropriate.

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