Making Unique Christmas Stockings

Children will love the tradition of stockings even more if you make unique Christmas stockings. Instead of buying the standard red stocking at the store, you can give them a keepsake that they can use for years and may even pass on to their own children.

Cross-Stitch Stockings: If you or someone you know is sewing savvy or can do cross-stitch, you have the beginnings of a stocking. Get a green, red or gold brocade material. The sturdier the material, the longer it will last. Use this material to form the stocking body. Then add a wide, cross-stitched border in a Christmas scene motif in complementary colors. Even if you don't do needlework, you can adapt by making a satin border and hanging silky drapery tassels from it.

Embellished Stockings: Looking to start out a bit simpler? Pick up the regular stockings offered at the store, along with craft supplies, like fabric paint, glitter and pompoms. Gather together the kids for an afternoon of decorating Christmas stockings. They can add their names and anything else that reflects their personalities. This way, Santa will know for sure that he has the right stocking.

Stocking Kits: You can also check out your local craft stores at the beginning of the Christmas season. Many retailers will have a selection of stocking kits for a variety of skill levels. You could make the stocking a family project, and your child can learn some basic sewing skills along the way.

Family Stockings: Have a stocking theme for the whole family. Make everyone a snowman stocking dressed in clothing similar to what the owner normally wears. Quirky and fun, this idea is guaranteed to make your child smile. You could make individual stockings in a footwear theme: Make a Santa boot stocking for dad and a Mrs. Claus shoe for Mom. You can even make elf boot stockings for the kids. To continue the tradition, when your child gets married, make them a pair of Mr. and Mrs. Claus stockings on their first Christmas.

In today's world of mass-produced Christmas accessories, a homemade keepsake stocking is a treasure. Quirky or timeless, they will be treasured for years to come.

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