Gourmet Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is a perfect time to give presents that celebrate the arrival of spring. With some gourmet Easter basket ideas, you can put a new and creative spin on the sweet treats that are commonly given at Easter.

The Basket: Depending on the age of the gift recipient, you can use anything from a bucket to a cigar humidor to a wicker basket. Handmade baskets or wooden boxes offer a personal, rustic touch.

The Theme: To simplify the process, choose a theme for your gourmet Easter basket. For example, you could invest in only Hawaiian or Mexican gourmet food and drink items, or you could work with a wine theme. This will help a person narrow down the products to include in the basket.

Your theme for an Easter candy basket could be as simple as chocolate. Start by picking up foreign or gourmet types of chocolate. This is a chance to invest in hard-to-get chocolate bars or those that have been molded into interesting shapes or images. Chocolate can be made with fruit or with gourmet products like Nutella and various nuts from around the world. You can even find chocolate enhanced by exotic spices and flavors, including lavender.

Other Food Options: To fill a gourmet Easter basket, you can include savory foods, too. Caviar and smoked meats like salmon and ham always appeal to foodies. Any type of spread would be a great choice. Try combining a gourmet spread with a suitable small bottle of wine, and include a spreading knife or a corkscrew so that you have the complete package. Additionally, gourmet coffees from around the world are sure to be a hit, especially if you invest in coffees that cannot be found in a normal grocery store.

Basket Fillings: Once you have the food, start thinking of how to incorporate the Easter theme. You could choose candies that are wrapped in traditional pastel Easter shades, or you could just fill the gaps in the basket with fake green grass. Last, but not least, place your Easter message to the recipient in a colorful plastic egg.

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Easter egg hunts can be fun-filled events for kids at any age level. Try some new Easter egg hunt ideas by letting kids dress up or make their own baskets, and keep the event simple and safe so all the children participating have a good time.

Easter celebrations are never complete without Easter crafts featuring bunnies, eggs and bonnets. Families see Easter as an opportunity to spend time with each other, and making Easter crafts is a great way to do this.

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The tradition of learning how to decorate easter eggs dates back to the Middle Ages of Europe. Modern Easter egg decorating includes fancy embellishments, such as faux jewels and stencils, as well as more common methods using stickers, crayons and markers.

Easter baskets can make the eyes of a child light up. However, once the candy is eaten, the basket gets tossed in the trash. These tips can help you find Easter basket options that are useful and sustainable, but still fun.

Kids can get really creative when it's time for coloring Easter eggs, and having the right work station and the right tools can make it fun for everyone. Since this fun Easter event is easy, it's great for toddlers, yet the creative complexities will engage older kids and even adults.

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