Easter Egg Hunting

Organizing your own Easter egg hunt is a fun, creative way to get your whole family into the holiday spirit. Just a dash of planning and organization goes a long way to make sure your hunt is a success.

Choosing your eggs

Before you even think of hiding the eggs, decide whether you want to work with the real thing or opt for replicas. If you choose plastic eggs instead of real eggs, you can fill them with candy or small toys to give kids a tiny treat with each egg they find. You also don't have to worry as much about hiding a plastic egg and not finding it.

Mapping your hunt

That's not to say you can't choose real eggs. Hunting for real colored Easter eggs has a certain traditional feel that the plastic eggs just don't match. To avoid the unfortunate situation of hiding the eggs and losing one in a dresser drawer for weeks, make a map of all your hiding places. You don't have to be a world-class artist to draw a simple map showing the locations of your eggs. Later, it will be a big help in making sure you found them all.

Picking perfect hiding places

Easter egg hunts can be fun for all ages, depending on how you hide the eggs. Any area, whether indoors or outdoors, can be the landscape for a hunt. If the hunters will be a mix of ages, then vary the difficulty of your hiding places.

Tables and shelves (or the ground in plain sight, if you're outside) are more-than-adequate hiding places for kids under five. The next level is placing eggs slightly behind or inside areas like cupboards or plants. If you really want the hunt to be a challenge, it's time to get creative. Slip an egg into the pocket of a hanging coat or set one on top of a ceiling fan and see if you baffle the cleverest of your hunters.

Whether you choose real or plastic eggs, an Easter egg hunt is a fun tradition to start with your family or friends. Mapping the eggs and choosing hiding places graded to the ages of your hunters will ensure that the only things left lingering when the hunt is over are fond memories.

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