How to Make Your Own Easter Egg Tree

Many people want to decorate their home with symbols of spring and Easter, and an Easter egg tree is an inexpensive yet dramatic way to do so. Using a few essential Easter craft items and a few other things you can find around the house, you can transform a mantle, table top or bare corner into a festive and colorful spot for an Easter egg tree. You can even make two of these Easter decorations, one for indoors and one for the front porch.

What You'll Need: A large broken tree branch, about 2 or 3 feet long; gold or silver spray paint; an empty coffee can or flower pot filled with gravel; 18 plastic Easter eggs; thread; clear tape and ribbon (optional).

Preparing the Branch: Make sure the tree branch is clean and dirt-free. In a well-ventilated spot outside, spray the tree branch with the paint and let dry thoroughly. When it is dry, place the base of the tree branch into the pot with gravel, and make sure it is secure.

Preparing the Easter Eggs: Open each egg, and tape a 6-inch piece of thread to the inside of the egg. Close the egg, and hot glue a ribbon bow to the place where the thread comes out of the egg. When you've assembled 18 eggs, you can begin decorating the Easter egg tree.

Decorating the Tree: Simply tie the thread to a bare spot of a branch. Vary the lengths of how the Easter eggs hang for a more decorative look. Then, trim any excess threads. For additional decorations, tie small ribbons into bows on the Easter egg tree branches as well.

Variations: Instead of using colored plastic Easter eggs, make blown Easter eggs. This involves making two small holes in each end of a raw egg with a needle. Then, gently blow out the inside until you have a hollow egg shell. Gently decorate the egg shells in the style of your choice, and attach the thread and ribbon with hot glue. Hang your crafted Easter eggs on the Easter egg tree to display the fragile spring décor.

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