Homemade Easter Cards for Kids

Sending Easter greetings to friends and family is much more fun when you make homemade Easter cards. Kids can really get excited about this longtime tradition with cute and cuddly card crafts that reflect the most popular symbols of Easter.

Wooly Lamb Card: Use a template of a lamb, and print it off as big as you can onto a piece of 8½ x 11-inch card stock. Place the printout on another piece of cardstock and cut two lamb shapes. On the top lamb, have the child dip cotton balls in white glue and cover the lamb with "wool." While the glue is drying, write your Easter message on the front of the second lamb cutout. When the glue has dried, staple the top of the two lamb shapes together for a cute and fuzzy homemade Easter card.

Stained Glass Card: Using cardstock, fold the paper into a traditional card. Carefully cut out some shapes from the front of the card, such as an Easter egg, an Easter flower or just random geometric shapes. Using tissue paper or colored vellum, have children paste the colored paper over the cut out holes. Fold the card in the opposite direction, and the colors will show through the front of the homemade Easter card just like a stained glass window.

Easter Collage: Gather Easter wrapping paper, cards from last year or magazine cutouts to create an Easter collage card. Simply cut out appropriate spring pictures, such as bunnies, chicks, flowers, rain clouds and robins. Then, glue the pictures on the front of a folded piece of cardstock with white school glue. The end result is a colorful burst of spring delivered via an Easter card.

Flower Card: Allow children to write a loving Easter message on a green leaf-shaped cutout of cardstock. Then, allow children to decorate a large silk flower with glitter, sequins, ribbon or fake gemstones. Affix the "leaf" to the flower and deliver this unique homemade Easter card in person to someone who loves spring blossoms.

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