Ideas for Filling Plastic Easter Eggs

When Easter comes, kids often indulge in a little too much candy and Easter chocolate inside those plastic Easter eggs. That's why many parents are seeking alternative ideas for filling plastic Easter eggs with something besides Easter chocolate and jelly beans. Here are several ideas for filling Easter eggs that won't contribute to cavities.

Stickers: Pick up some sticker sheets at the dollar store with your child's favorite character, or get some animal or people sticker sheets. Many are sold in long thin pages that easily roll up inside large plastic Easter eggs.

Temporary Tattoos: Kids love to decorate their arms and hands with temporary tattoos. These are easily applied with water and wash off quickly with soap a day or so later. Pick flowers, fairies and stars for girls or monsters, pirates and space aliens for boys.

Boy Trinkets: The dollar store is a haven for small trinkets just right for a boy that fit inside large plastic Easter eggs. Think small kaleidoscopes, race cars, pirate eye patches, whistles, key chains, shoelaces and even small plastic animals. Of course, make sure the items are age-appropriate and will not cause a choking hazard.

Girl Trinkets: Little girls will love to find nail polish, costume jewelry, backpack charms, small stuffed animals, hair accessories, lip gloss and doll clothes inside plastic Easter eggs. If she likes a particular cartoon character, try to choose items from that theme.

Money: Every child loves to get money, so fill a few plastic Easter eggs with coins or bills. Younger children will love to hear the rattle of a few coins for their coin bank while older children will appreciate collecting a few extra dollars inside a few plastic Easter eggs.

Coupons: Give out a collection of coupons that children can exchange for delicious food at their favorite restaurant or for toys at a store. Create your own coupons that give children the chance to get out of doing a chore or to have an extra story read to them at bedtime. Personalizing the coupons for each child will make the gesture extra special.

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The tradition of learning how to decorate easter eggs dates back to the Middle Ages of Europe. Modern Easter egg decorating includes fancy embellishments, such as faux jewels and stencils, as well as more common methods using stickers, crayons and markers.

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Kids can get really creative when it's time for coloring Easter eggs, and having the right work station and the right tools can make it fun for everyone. Since this fun Easter event is easy, it's great for toddlers, yet the creative complexities will engage older kids and even adults.

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