Super Sweet Romantic Easter Basket Ideas

With romantic Easter basket ideas, you can prove to your significant other that Easter isn't just for kids. Romantic Easter baskets make great gifts for boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives. This year, don't let the kids have all the fun. Throw together one of these sweet Easter basket ideas to surprise your significant other.

Idea #1: Chocolate Lover's Easter Basket
This idea will appeal to your love's sweet tooth. Start with a medium-sized basket, and fill the bottom with paper crinkles or another filling. Place a bottle of dessert wine or a non-alcoholic alternative in the back of the basket. Add a box of truffles right in front of the bottle. Purchase some large plastic eggs, and place more decadent chocolate or even chocolate-covered strawberries inside.

Idea #2: Poetic Easter Basket
Even if you're not Shakespeare, your significant other will swoon for this cleverly worded basket. Print out some lines of poetry or music lyrics that are related to love and romance. Make sure to use a script-like font to make the writing look even more special, and consider printing the phrases on parchment paper. Purchase some large plastic eggs. Cut apart the phrases, roll them up and then place them in the plastic eggs. Your sweetheart will love opening each egg and reading the sweet sentiments inside.

Idea #3: Bunny Love Basket
Easter bunnies are well known for their "romantic" tendencies, so they are a perfect theme for a romantic Easter basket. Buy a medium-sized rabbit stuffed animal. Place the stuffed animal in the center of the Easter basket, and surround it with candy eggs or filled plastic eggs. Cut out a large paper heart, write "Some Bunny Loves You" or "You Make My Heart Hop" and place the heart in the Easter bunny's hands.

Idea #4: Baseball Easter Basket
It's no secret that baseball and spring are synonymous. If your boyfriend or husband is a baseball fan, you can tie his favorite pastime into a romantic Easter basket. Remember, romance doesn't have to be candy and flowers: It should reflect the interests of the receiver. Use green Easter basket filler to reflect the green field in the game, and use the colors of his favorite team to decorate the basket with ribbon. Get tickets to the local season opener, or give your significant other coupons for game watching time.

Hopefully, these romantic Easter basket ideas will have you rethinking this holiday. Romance can be part of every holiday when you think outside the box.

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