Design an Easter Bonnet

Why not design an Easter bonnet this year and start a new trend? Easter bonnets used to be a big part of any Easter celebration. Both women and young girls put time into their Easter bonnets. Today, they are not seen as often, but they are still a fun tradition you can share with your family.

Getting Started
Traditionally, Easter bonnets are adorned with ribbons, laces and flowers. But, over time, the designs evolved. Now, many are embracing the concept of "themed bonnets" to express their creativity. Some modern-day Easter bonnet designers take on animal designs, cartoon characters, and practically anything they can think of.

In making an Easter bonnet, you'll need some basic materials: a hat (of course), a glue gun and decorative items of your choice, such as ribbons, laces, real or artificial flowers, plastic eggs or small animal figurines.

Set Your Theme
Choose what type of Easter bonnet you're going to make. Would you go for a traditional one or a more modern type? Traditional designs evolve around a springtime theme, so use small artificial insects, such as butterflies and bees. For a more modern approach for young girls, design bonnets inspired by Hello Kitty or the Powerpuff Girls.

Lay Out Your Design
Try different arrangements on your hat before gluing them in place. This allows you to alter your design easily. Check which of the items should be glued first, and remember the order. This will make your progress tidy and mess-free.

Now that you've figured what goes first, you can get started. But first, make sure that your glue gun is set on low. Glue large pieces in place first. After you've glued everything in its place, set aside your project, and give the glue time to dry completely. Also, only parents should handle the glue gun. The child can tell you where each item goes.

In Your Easter Bonnet
Now that your creation is final, it's time to put on your Easter bonnet and wear it for all the world to see. If you have a daughter, you might want to consider holding an afternoon tea and letting the young ladies design their own Easter bonnet. Afterwards, hold an Easter parade so they can show them off. This is fun when planned with an event such as an Easter egg hunt.

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