Simple Easter Arrangements and Decorating Ideas

If you have company coming over for the Easter holiday then you will want to make some Easter arrangements with a few decorating tips, even if it is something small and basic. Simplicity is like a breath of fresh air and that's what you need as you usher in the warmth and brightness of spring.

Flower arrangements
A bouquet of spring flowers or flowers used as a centerpiece on your dining room table or coffee table in the living room is an excellent way to bring the blessings of Easter into your apartment. Many bulb flowers such as daffodils, tulips and hyacinths are in season and look lovely either in a mixed bouquet or as flowers that stand alone. Some Baby's Breath gives that added touch to the flowers. Other flowers you might want to consider are the traditional Easter lilies, Lily of the valley, roses and carnations. Whatever kinds of flowers make you happy should be the ones you choose. And if they have a pleasant scent, all the better! Personally both the appearance and the scent of them are important to me but it is really a matter of choice. Remember to display your flowers in lovely vases. Glass vases are timeless but plastic ones can be more practical sometimes.

Easter eggs
Painted Easter eggs (whether you buy them that way or paint them yourself) are perfect for the season, nestled in the colored grass of a decorative Easter basket. Strategically place the baskets around your apartment where they will get noticed the most.

Wall hangings
Easter wall hangings can be bought or made and have a way of brightening people's spirits and making them feel cheery. Whether it's hopping bunnies, brightly colored Easter eggs or spring scenes, put it up there for yourself and all of your visitors to see!

As far as a tablecloth goes, there are plenty of places to purchase one with spring pastels. Whether you prefer a plastic one or a cloth one, go with colors such as yellow, blue, light green, pink, mauve or white. Or brighten your table up even more by choosing a combination. Choose napkins in matching colors, and if you are having a number of people over for a meal, make up Easter placecard settings. Candles for an evening Easter meal are very elegant as well. Go with pastel shades that complement your centerpiece.

For the last of my suggestions, fill candy bowls with Easter goodies and have them lying around for your guests to eat at their leisure. For those who really aren't much for chocolate or sugary treats, you might want to have bowls of peanuts or trail mix instead. Before or after the meal, your guests might want to nibble a little and because of your forethought and preparation, there is plenty to nibble on!

Happy Easter to all!

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