What to Write in a Get Well Card

When it comes time to express your feelings and decide what to write in a get well card, you may suddenly feel awkward or uncomfortable. Writing your hopes for a speedy recovery can feel strange, even if the feelings are sincere. It helps to get into the mind of the sick person and write what you would want to read if you were in their position.

Minor Illnesses: If the person is suffering from the cold, flu or other seasonal sickness, he probably feels miserable and a little sorry for himself. The message of this get well greeting card should strive to bring some sunshine into his day. It should also let him know that you acknowledge his suffering and really hope he feels better soon.

Longer Illnesses: Sometimes, a person is facing a more serious illness or injury that requires them to be away from a group or office for several days to a week. It won't be long before she is feeling lonely and out of the loop as far as what's going on at work. Send a get well card message that gives good news from the workplace, and even share a funny story or event from the office. Sending another follow-up card a few days later will mean so much to her as she gets closer to returning.

Hospital Stays: When someone is staying in the hospital for a short while, whether for illness or an injury, modify the tone of the message to reflect your hopes for his fast recovery and a return to good health. A longer note is appropriate, sharing uplifting thoughts and messages or recalling stories from his home or work. Consider that a hospital-bound person may re-read all his get well greeting cards to feel connected with the outside world and to combat loneliness during his stay.

Terminal Illness: Perhaps the most awkward get well greeting cards to write are to those people with serious or terminal illnesses. People are often afraid to write anything that might offend or depress the recipient. However, consider that she needs to hear positive messages and information from the people you know in common. While it may not be appropriate to send get well wishes, simply acknowledging their courage and strength in the situation and offering positive prayers and thoughts is enough to send the message that you care.

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