What to Put in Get Well Gift Baskets

Get well gift baskets can brighten the day of a sick or injured person. Depending on the extent and severity of the illness, these gift baskets can be tailored to just about anyone. Here are some suggestions:

Cookie Baskets: Get well gift baskets of cookies and treats can really make someone feel better quickly. The basket can be full of one kind of cookie or a variety of favorites, making this an all-around good choice. But ask first about dietary restrictions due to surgery or medication.

Soup Basket: Everyone knows that soup is good for almost any illness. Present the sick person with a collection of gourmet soups and a new soup mug as a get well gift. Packets of crackers and tea bags ensure that the sick person has plenty to eat and enough liquids to start feeling better.

Boredom Basket: If the sick person is going to be off his feet for a while, at home or in the hospital, make a boredom basket to occupy his time. Fill it with get well items that he can do with a visitor or alone, such as a new novel, word search or sudoku puzzles, a few magazines, brain teasers or a new CD or DVD.

Spa Basket: Women and even some men might appreciate get well gift baskets with a spa theme. Filled with lotion, soft socks, tissue packets, lip gloss, manicure kit, hair accessories, face moisturizer and body spray can make a few days in the hospital much more bearable.

Joke Basket: There are plenty of illnesses or hospital stays that are not serious, and a joke or get well gag basket may be just the thing to bring a smile to the recipient's face. Fill it with "get well pill bottles" filled with candy, funny certificates of "health," books of hospital or doctor jokes and even a flavored candy thermometer.

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When you hear that someone you know isn't feeling well, it's a wonderful gesture to send them some get well wishes.

While most people think to send a get well card, or even balloons or flowers, there are many get well gift ideas that can lift the spirits of a sick or injured friend or family member.

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A get well gift basket is simple, easy to make and thoughtful. With some minor adjustments for the age of the person receiving the basket, you have a terrific gift that is sure to lift the spirits of the receiver.

Many people are eager to send get well wishes to a friend, co-worker or loved one who needs them, but there are certain rules of etiquette that should be followed.

When it comes time to express your feelings and decide what to write in a get well card, it helps to get into the mind of the sick person and write what you would want to read.

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