Proper Bridal Shower Etiquette for Invitations

If you are throwing a bridal shower for a friend or family member, you need to know about the proper bridal shower etiquette for invitations. Weddings, even casual ones, should always have manners and social etiquette in mind; bridal showers are no different. By following some simple rules for etiquette, you can be sure to show class with your invitations.

Invitations should be sent to those closest to the bride. Some brides opt to have separate showers for family and friends. Talk with the bride about who she'd like to invite to the shower you are hosting. Get addresses of invitees from her so you can send out the invitations promptly.

There are a lot of bridal shower invitation ideas available online and in party stores. You can print your own invitations from your computer, or you can buy them and fill them out. The invitation should reflect the theme of your party. An invitation to an English tea themed shower will be a lot different than an invitation to a lingerie party.

Sample bridal shower invitations can be found online that can provide a lot of inspiration. You may even be able to get ideas about what type of shower to host from the invitations available out there.

Wedding showers should be held anywhere from ten weeks to four weeks before the wedding. This period of time is close enough to the wedding to be part of the event, but not so close that it causes extra stress for the bride or couple. The invitations should be sent at least four weeks in advance of the shower. This gives everyone enough time to plan and you plenty of time to prepare.

The invitation should include the bride and groom's names, the address of the shower, your phone number for RSVPs and any special instructions. If the shower has a theme like kitchenware or bedding, be sure to include that information in the invitation.

Although classic wedding etiquette dictates that you shouldn't mention gifts in the invitation, many guests appreciate knowing where the bride is registered in advance. You can include a small slip of paper with gift information, like where the bride is registered or her clothing size if you are hosting a lingerie shower.

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Although event invitation etiquette is not as strict as in decades past, a few guidelines should still be followed when sending and receiving invitations. These rules apply whether your party is a formal event or a casual celebration.

Wedding invitation etiquette can be tricky, even if you are planning an extremely casual affair. Following the tried and true rules will help you navigate through the process.

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