Creative RSVP Samples

View some RSVP samples before putting together a special event. Whether a wedding RSVP or a big party that includes catering, you will need guests to respond in order to plan, and RSVP cards typically have a standard style. RSVP cards tend to be pretty basic in terms of wording choices because you want to be clear about deadlines. However, you can jazz up these cards and still remain clear.

Basic Information
Before you add any creative touches, the basic information you need from your guests must be included.

Name(s) of those who will attend:
How many in the group:
Dietary restrictions:*

*Instead of dietary restrictions, you can also list the basic menu choices for your event, such as meat or vegetarian, so you can tell the caterer what to prepare ahead of time.

You will also need to include the date by which you need the RSVP returned at the bottom of the card. Always include a stamped and preaddressed envelope for the invited guest to use to return the card.

The wording you use can help clarify exactly who is invited (and who isn't). This is important if you are not inviting children or other family members besides the names of those to whom the invitation is addressed. You can specify the exact names of those invited in the RSVP card wording, so that each guest can check "attending" or "regrets" next to her name, and it does not leave room for other names to be filled in. For example, you can write:

Tara Smith:         Attending            Regrets
Dan Smith:          Attending            Regrets

The guests you intend to invite can let you know if they plan to come, and it is clear that they are the only ones invited. If you have a blank line for names, the guests might write in friends, dates or children that you didn't mean to invite. Be clear in a polite way so you don't end up with more people than you intended.

Creative Touches
As long as you have the basic details you need spelled out, you can make the RSVP card fun. Font styles are the first adjustable thing. Make the font match the formality of the event. Choose colors that match the colors of the event as well. You can have graphics or decorative framing done around the edges of the RSVP card.

For the wording, you can make the introductory line of the response card into a little poem, as long as it is clear what you need the recipient to do to respond. Always err on the side of clarity when it comes to RSVP cards.

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