How to Write Business Thank You Notes

While most business people have received generic business thank you notes from businesses, the impact from a well-crafted and thoughtful thank you note can reveal a lot about how a company does business in other areas. Creating a personalized business letter that expresses thanks to another is a powerful business tool that can enhance your personal reputation and give your company a positive image.

A business thank you note doesn't need to be any more expensive than a preprinted thank you note card and envelope made at an office supply store. They are often simple, classic and packaged in groups of 10 or 25. Even 8 x 11-inch letter papers in standard envelopes will do as thank you notes if you have no stationery.

It's appropriate to send business thank you notes to almost anyone. Whether you want to send one to a customer after using your services, co-workers who completed a big project on time and ahead of schedule or to someone for a business referral, just about any business situation that required action above and beyond normal business relations will benefit from a thank you note.

It's good business etiquette to send a thank you note as soon as the service has been completed. After a job interview, send a thank you note to the interviewer for her time and attention to your application. After a successful business function you've organized, send a thank you note to the keynote speaker and any other speakers the next day. The sooner you give thanks, the more of an impact it will have.

A thank you note is an informal communication of thanks from one professional to another. Everyone needs praise, acknowledgement and appreciation for a job well done and a thank you note is a highly personal touch in a business world that is quickly doing away with personal communication. Because thank you notes are increasingly rare, the positive impact is far stronger when one is received.

Business thank you notes should be short and pointed-no more than a few sentences. Simply write the date and a salutation first. In the body of the note, express your thanks and go into detail about what they did. You may want to acknowledge that the person's participation or contribution resulted in a specific effect, such as a successful trade show or a solid sale. Close the letter with a casual closer and sign your full name. 

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If you are wondering how to write a thank you note, focus on the timing. People generally expect a thank-you note after giving a gift, and, if a thank-you note is not received, the recipient is considered rude.

It's easy to learn about the etiquette of writing thank you notes to express your gratitude to someone. Whether you are thanking someone for a wedding present or for doing you a great service, a thank you note is sure to make the giver feel appreciated and shows what a gracious recipient you are.

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