Creative Ways to Say Thank You

There are many creative ways to say thank you. Start off by being sincerely thankful, and the rest will all fall into place.

When you give thanks, and genuinely feel thankful, a feeling of goodness radiates outward from within and makes everything in the world seem right for a moment. That feeling goes both ways, regardless if you are the one saying thank you or if you are receiving the thanks. When you come up with a creative way to say what you mean, there are rules that surround this most beautiful form of communication that must be followed.

Thank-You Etiquette

  • Offering words of thanks to someone should never be taken for granted. A thank you should also never be given if you don't really mean what you are saying. Don't force someone to say thank you, or it won't come from the heart. 
  • Remember to say thank you in a timely fashion. While a thank you that is long overdue can still be given, it's best to give thanks immediately.
  • Say thanks when you can't do something in return, and do something in return when you can. If someone helps you move furniture, you needn't wait until that person needs some physical labor to offer return thanks. Thank that person for their help and offer to be there in the future.

Creative Ways to Say Thank You
When you're really appreciative of a kindness, you should do something in return that is appropriate. One way of doing this is to pair the thank you with the act of kindness. If your uncle helped you shop for your first car, taking him out to dinner and giving him a booklet of car wash coupons would be in order. If your father helped you plant your first garden, perhaps a new garden tool would be a nice way to say thank you. If someone who has always been there for you just bought her first home, maybe you'd like to purchase lawn furniture or something equally useful as a token of your appreciation. Some additional unique and creative ways to say thank you include the following:

  • If someone was kind enough to act as your free DJ at an event you recently put on, repay that kindness by picking up concert tickets for a favorite performer for the DJ and a guest.
  • If someone was your right-hand man at a benefit you organized for the office, leave a gift basket filled with goodies on his desk the following morning.
  • While gift certificates for dinner and a movie might seem ho-hum and lame to some, those who enjoy movies and dining out will be very pleased with the gift, especially if you offer to babysit that evening as well.

When "Thank You" Isn't Enough
Sometimes just saying thank you doesn't seem like enough. In a case where a friend or loved one has gone above and beyond the call of duty, you may want to say thank you in a big way. But even when you want to lavish praise on someone who has helped you in some way, there are some rules to follow.

  • Don't embarrass someone when offering thanks. Don't go so far overboard that you cause the person to be sorry they helped. If someone has helped you plan a reunion, don't repay them with a brand new boat; that would be going overboard.
  • If a person has helped you through college, it's not acceptable for you to just smile and say thank you. Some type of thank-you gift is in order. Perhaps you could put your college education to good use and offer your newly honed skills.
  • Any type of stationery or card is okay to use when sending a thank-you note, unless it's a formal thank you, such as what you would write for a bridal shower, baby shower or wedding.

Remember, too, that if you help someone, and then expect more than a simple thank you, you haven't given in the true spirit of helping.

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If you are wondering how to write a thank you note, focus on the timing. People generally expect a thank-you note after giving a gift, and, if a thank-you note is not received, the recipient is considered rude.

It's easy to learn about the etiquette of writing thank you notes to express your gratitude to someone. Whether you are thanking someone for a wedding present or for doing you a great service, a thank you note is sure to make the giver feel appreciated and shows what a gracious recipient you are.

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