How to Make a Home Spa Gift Basket

A home spa gift basket is the perfect gift for someone who needs and deserves a little pampering and relaxation. You can assemble the products yourself, or buy a wide variety of ready-made gift baskets in a range of prices.

Who would appreciate a spa and bath gift basket? Think of the benefits of the products, and then think of the kind of person who would appreciate them. Baths are relaxing, distressing, and give the bather a chance for a long, hot soak - translation: "me time." Nowadays, many people don't take enough time to care for themselves because they are busy working and taking care of their kids. This kind of gift reminds the recipient of the importance of taking time for herself, and that you care enough to recognize that she deserves this time.

By the way, yes, men might also like a spa and bath gift basket, but the product selection should be designed for men.

What should be included in a bath and spa gift basket? It's good to have a selection of washing and moisturizing products, with some amenities like a loofa, hemp washcloth, back braid and micro-fiber thirsty hair wrap/towel. A super spa basket might also include a nice big, soft bathrobe and cozy socks or slippers. Choose products that represent different types of bath and relaxation treatments such as: bath oil, bath salts, salt scrub, natural soaps, foot scrub, facial scrub, eye mask, mud mineral mask, bubble bath, shower oil, shampoo, hair conditioner, lotions, candles and small massage tool. You can also include an assortment of teas and a mug, a CD of relaxing music and a nice book to read in the bath. Assemble your choices in a basket and wrap it in colored cellophane or clear gift plastic. Tie with a bow and you're done.

Consider some cautionary statements when choosing or assembling a bath and spa gift basket. Not all people like the same fragrance. It would be a shame to present someone with a gift of lavender scented bath and spa products, and find out later that the recipient hates that smell. How do you know what scents are "safe" choices? The answer is - you don't, unless you happen to know of a particular favorite. To be safe, choose products in mild scents, in a variety of flavors so if one is unappealing, the others may still be good to the recipient. Also, citrus, green tea, vanilla, lemon grass and ginger are among the more widely appreciated.

For men, choose "manly" skin cleansing and shaving products. Not all men enjoy a bath, but shaving and hair care are pretty universal to men. Light citrus scents and soaps, body wash, aftershave, shaving oils with natural ingredients, plus a loofa or back scrubber could be great choices for a special guy. Put them in a gift box with a manly design instead of a basket for a more masculine touch.

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It's easy to learn to make gift baskets and they make excellent gifts. The best thing about them is that they can be personalized for any occasion or individual tastes.

The time-honored tradition of gift giving has been practiced by all societies, in all walks of life. Since the beginning of time, the giving of gift baskets has been a thoughtful means of expressing oneself. And whenever a gift is given from the heart, it becomes much more than just a gift.

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