Creative Gift Baskets for Women

It's very easy to find gift baskets for women. There are many different themes for different occasions, and dozens of places to buy them. But gift baskets purchased through retailers can be expensive, and they seldom include exactly what you want. Fortunately, it is very easy to make your own gift baskets for women. All you need is the inspiration and a few simple supplies.

Choosing a Basket
Start with a basket that's an appropriate size for the theme of your gift basket for the woman. If you're planning a wine gift basket, you'll need something large and sturdy. Don't limit yourself strictly to baskets; a country gift basket is lovely when it's packed in a metal watering can, while a movie gift basket can be packed in a popcorn tub.

You can find baskets at dollar stores and flea markets, as well as at specialty stores, craft stores and department stores. Line the bottom of the gift basket with a cloth napkin or a dishtowel, depending on the theme. If you do not like any of the choices you see and you are handy with a sewing machine, you can purchase the material you would like and hem it. If you like to cross stitch or embroider, you can also make a special liner for the gift basket. In a pinch, crumpled newspaper, gift wrap or stiff tissue can make a good bed for your gifts.

Choosing Items
It's easy to control the cost of a gift basket for women while still producing an impressive gift. For a wine gift basket, you might choose a good white wine and a good red wine. Add two wineglasses and various confections that match the wines you chose, or add some cheese and crackers. Nestle the items in shredded paper. Crinkle papers and tissue are available in many different colors; choose a color the compliments the basket and the liner.

For a country basket, you can choose from many different basket ingredients. You can make a basket with various hot chocolates, then add mugs and various cookies to the basket. If you make a coffee basket, use at least three different types of coffee. You can also add large coffee mugs and cookies to go with the coffee.

Another idea for a country basket is making various mixes. Prepare dry ingredients for various soups or cookie mixes. Layer the ingredients in a ball jar. Add the cap and ring and tightly close. Make three different soup mixes or cookie mixes. Print out the instructions for adding the wet ingredients, including how much of each is needed. Use decorative labels to print out the instructions. Stick the labels to the back of the jars.

If you are using a soup theme, add two decorative soup mugs to the basket. If you are using a cookie or other confection theme, add a flavored coffee and coffee mugs to the basket.

Make sure that at least a bit of each gift can be seen as you arrange things in the gift basket for the woman. If you're enclosing a gift card or something valuable, put it front and center. Large items should be in the middle, with smaller items to the sides, so that the basket doesn't tip easily. Wrap the entire gift basket in colored cellophane and tie it off at the top with a decorative bow.

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It's easy to learn to make gift baskets and they make excellent gifts. The best thing about them is that they can be personalized for any occasion or individual tastes.

The time-honored tradition of gift giving has been practiced by all societies, in all walks of life. Since the beginning of time, the giving of gift baskets has been a thoughtful means of expressing oneself. And whenever a gift is given from the heart, it becomes much more than just a gift.

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