Gift Baskets: Not Just Baskets, Never Just Gifts

The time-honored tradition of gift giving has been practiced by all societies, in all walks of life. Since the beginning of time, the giving of gift baskets has been a thoughtful means of expressing oneself. And whenever a gift is given from the heart, it becomes much more than just a gift.

The process of deciding what gift to give dates back as far as the Middle Ages. Back then, items, or gifts, were exchanged as a means of trade and barter.

Creating a win-win situation
Our ancestors soon realized that when someone wanted something they owned, it was time to put on the old thinking cap and figure out what item they'd like in exchange for it. Of course, in the Middle Ages, baskets were also used to carry most items,. Therefore--by default--baskets were the primary receptacles used to transport traded or bartered gifts.

Definition of "basket"
According to the dictionary, the word "basket" can mean several things. The most common meaning is "a receptacle made of interwoven material."

When we hear the words "interwoven material," we immediately think of grasses and reeds. Obviously, we then think basket. However, the word basket also means "a receptacle or container that resembles a basket in shape and use."

The words "receptacle" and "container" greatly expand the imagination when one thinks how a gift basket might look or what it might be made of. We now know that a basket can be any type of container, not just a picnic basket or a Longaberger basket.

Gift baskets will never lose their appeal
Today, gift giving continues for a variety of reasons. Topping the list is personal fulfillment.

Baskets-and other cool containers and neat receptacles--are the type of gifts that can be used over and over again, which makes a basket filled with gifts, or a gift basket, an innovative idea that presumably will never lose its appeal.

And that, my friends, is why a gift basket can never be just a gift and will never be just a basket.

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