Movie Theme Gift Baskets Ideas

Movie theme gift baskets are a winner for any occasion. Nearly everyone has a DVD player these days and a favorite movie they love to watch. Movie night gift baskets bring the fun of going to the theater right to your recipient's living room, including those move snacks. This gift can easily be adapted for singles, couples and families. Best of all, most of the filler isn't that expensive, allowing you to create an impressive gift without breaking the bank.

Choosing the Container
Your movie theme gift baskets should be created in a movie theater popcorn tub. You can order these online or find them in craft stores. Some kitchen and home stores sell metal or plastic tubs, but a paper tub will work just as well if you're on a budget. Round tubs look more impressive when they're filled than rectangular popcorn boxes, but either one will work if it's large enough.

Movie Gift Basket Fillers
Concession stand snacks will make up most of the gift. Start out with a few bags of microwave popcorn, then add some favorite candies. You can find movie-theater size boxes of candy at supermarkets and convenience stores. Add a few bottles of soda as well; glass bottles of Coca-Cola add a nice touch, or you can include a bag of gourmet coffee for the sophisticated movie lover.

Adding a Movie
You can find DVDs for as little as $5 at some retailers, or you can use the basket to dress up a more expensive disc. If you know the recipient needs a favorite movie to add to a collection, include it in the basket. If you're unsure of the recipient's taste in movies, include a gift card for movie rentals or a gift card for a retailer that sells movies.

A $10 gift card will cover two movie rentals at most stores. If you're including a retail gift card, make sure it's worth $20 to $25, which is the retail price for most new DVDs. Blu-rays generally cost around $30.

Simply arrange the items in the popcorn tub, with the DVD or gift card front and center. Putting a crumpled newspaper or some stiff tissue in the bottom of the tub will help the items stay in place and lift them above the rim so they're easier to see.

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