Homemade Nut Gift Baskets

There are a few ways to make nut gift baskets at home. You can use small cans of various nuts, or you can purchase bulk nuts and wrap them yourself. The great thing about making these gourmet gift baskets is that you can save money by doing it yourself and tailor the nut selection to the recipient's tastes, rather than settling for the choices available in retail nut baskets.

Creative Gift Baskets
Nuts are small and you don't need a ton of them to whip up an impressive gift. This gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility in choosing a basket for your nut gift basket. If you are using cans of nuts, you'll want to stick with a large, traditional basket. If you're using bulk nuts, you can look for a container with compartments or put the nuts in individual plastic bags, which can be found at party stores.

For a sports fan, consider a plastic batting helmet filled with nuts. For the gentleman, a small humidor will work. Even a wine carafe or a sectioned serving bowl can be made more special by turning it into a gift basket.

Filling the Nut Gift Basket
If you are using cans of nuts, line the basket with pieces of tissue paper or a decorative dishtowel, then fill the basket about half full with crinkle paper. This will make the basket look fuller and keep the cans from slipping out of place. Wrap the basket with colored cellophane paper and tie it off with a bow.

If you are using bulk nuts and have a basket with pre-made dividers, add the nuts and other items directly. If the basket is open, you can use heavy-duty construction paper or colored posterboard to make dividers. Put any other items in the basket first, so you can work the dividers around odd-sized items. Cover the entire basket with clear plastic wrap, making sure to wrap the plastic all the way around the basket to keep the nuts from falling out of the basket.

Additional Items to Include
Anything that would go in a gourmet gift basket works well with nut gift baskets. Consider including wine, cheese, crackers, sausages, wine glasses, a cheese slicer and smoked meats. Include a nutcracker or two if your basket features nuts with shells.

Nuts are party food, so you can create a party mix by adding other ingredients. Consider small pretzels or pretzel sticks, cheddar crackers, potato chips and Melba toast.

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