Gag Gift Ideas

When a normal present just won't do, coming up with gag gift ideas is just the approach you need to let someone know how much you appreciate his or her sense of humor. While gag gifts should never be given to embarrass or humiliate the receiver, they are good for a laugh. The type of gag gift all depends on the message you are trying to send to the receiver.

For plain old silly gag gifts, consider novelty shops and stores, whether they are physical locations or accessible online. Some popular gag gifts sure to get a laugh include survival kits geared toward specific events, such as retirement, menopause, sweet 16 or marriage. Surprise a bad cook with a spinner pointing out what's for dinner and give a beer lover a six-pack with personalized gag labels on every bottle.

Send a gag gift that points out something the recipient truly loves. Give a TV fan a gun-shaped remote control and send a pet lover a talking dog collar for their pal. A golfer could receive a heckling golf club cover or gag golf balls that wobble, jump and buzz. Give a chef an apron advertising road kill as the house specialty and send a retiree a package of temporary tattoos for senior citizens. Gag gift T-shirts with clever sayings, anecdotes and graphics are always a hit as well.

Perhaps the best place to give a gag gift is at work. Perfect for the office is the "Get off the phone excuse machine" that generates dozens of legitimate sounds to get you off the phone. Shock office supplies look like normal staplers, pens and mouse pads but deliver a small shock when touched. An office voodoo kit allows frustrated workers to get good-humored revenge on others. There are also a variety of gag gifts for stress relief or anger management at work.

Toilet humor and bathroom jokes are common gag gifts as well. Make everyone laugh with the farting piggy bank or the remote controlled farting . Toilet paper with a message about the boss, the president or a disliked celebrity is also popular. Go for the nose soap and shower gel dispenser that pours green soap out through a nostril, or any number of mooning robotic statues.

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