Hostess Gift Giving Etiquette

Knowing hostess gift giving etiquette can help you bring an appropriate present the next time you are invited to a dinner, party or open house. You have plenty of choices, and whimsical and creative gifts are welcome.

Making The Unimaginative Creative
Many times, guests bring a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates. These are unimaginative in themselves, but you can make them more special with a little creativity. Bring the bottle of wine in a special sleeve made to keep wine chilled, or attach a fancy bottle opener with a ribbon. Instead of chocolates, bring an assortment of gourmet cookies in a fancy bowl or tray. Then, the hostess can keep something to enjoy after the food or drink is consumed.

Homey Gifts
Gifts for hostesses are similar to housewarming gifts. Think about gadgets for the kitchen. These could include cooking ingredients or handy utensils. For instance, a big bottle of flavored oil or vinegar from a gourmet cooking store, or a selection of unusual spices in a little basket would be appreciated by a good cook. Fancy serving utensils are also great hostess gifts. For example, a beautiful trivet or salad tongs are always useful.

Anything that makes a dinner party more special is also a great hostess gift. How about a set of fancy coasters, cute wineglass rings, napkin holders or a mixed drink recipe book? Scented, shaped or fancy candles or candlesticks are also lovely gifts for a hostess.

Home-enhancing gifts like a small set of hand towels or gourmet soaps are also appreciated and thoughtful.

If you are bringing flowers, bring them in a vase. Then, the hostess won't be distracted by looking for a vase, and she can use the vase later.

Tips To Remember
Hostess thank you gifts don't have to be expensive or big. You are just making a token thank you gesture for the time and effort made by the hostess to include you. The most important part is to be gracious and make sure the hostess feels appreciated.

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