Best Gifts for Kids That Don't Bust the Budget

Buying the best gifts for kids for special occasions can certainly stretch the budget to the limit if the buyer is not careful. Deciding what to buy for kids can also be quite a challenge when working with a budget while trying to meet the individual personalities of each child. But do not despair. We have provided some great ideas for gifts for kids that won't bust the budget yet are diversified and fun.

Gift Baskets for Kids
While we normally think of gift baskets for adults they are actually a great idea for kids as well. Not only can you make a basket to suit the child's personality or hobbies they are wonderful for any age child - from toddler on up to teen-ager. Gift baskets can be stocked inexpensively with gifts from the local dollar store, with home made goodies or even fun yard sale finds. This versatile gift idea is as fun to make as it is to give. Read on for some fantastic gift basket ideas for kids:

  • Arts & Crafts Gift Basket: This gift basket is perfect for the kid who enjoys arts and crafts. If your child enjoys drawing include things like colored pencils, drawing pad, charcoal, erasers and a book on how to draw. For younger children you might include water color paints, a coloring book, crayons, safety scissors and glue sticks. Extra special items like glitter, stickers, construction paper and paper cut outs are fun too.
  • Sports Gift Basket: This basket can be specialized for the individual sport the child enjoys or participates in. It might be a soccer, basketball, football or tennis theme. Or if the child has a favorite sports team they enjoy watching this could be your theme as well. Small items like mugs, sports bottles, ball caps, pencils, a rolled up t-shirt with a team logo all are good ideas for a sports theme gift basket.
  • Gift Basket for a Girl: These are nice for when your child needs a gift for a friend or classmate that you do not know well. Kids especially enjoying shopping for their friends and the dollar stores make this easy and inexpensive to do. Include things such as bubble bath, hair pretties, body wash, inexpensive jewelry, a small stuffed animal or dress up items.
  • Gift Baskets for Boys: Just like for the girls this is a quick and easy gift idea for friends or classmates. Include in this basket items such as toy cars, squirt guns, army men, small models to make or a inexpensive hand held electronic game.

Personalized Gifts for Children
Personalized gifts are a nice way to let kids know how special they are to you. You can Buy something that has the child's name imprinted on it or it can say something like - "Grandma's Favorite", "Big Sister" or "A Special Niece". Personalized gifts can be special ordered or you can make them yourself. Beach towels, mugs, dinner ware, name plaques, shirts and wall hangings are just a few examples of things you can get that can be personalized with a child's name. Teens especially enjoy shirts, purses, jewelery and other items that have their names or initials on them.

Gifts for Teens
Teen-agers can be a bit more difficult to buy for without spending a ton of money but it can be done. A gift card to their favorite book store, sporting goods store or game store enclosed in a coffee cup with a candy bar is a fun idea. And since teen-agers are always hungry gift certificates to their favorite fast food restaurant is a perfect idea for any teen. Other great ideas include a movie DVD with a bag or microwave popcorn and a two litre of pop. Teens are easier to please then you might think.

Be Creative
With a little planning and ingenuity you can shop for kids without totally breaking the bank. Just like for adults, children appreciate gifts that say you thought about them. Most kids are please with gifts of small things that let them know you love them. There is a time and place for larger more expensive gifts but it isn't as often as you think. Children need to learn to appreciate what is given them and not expect something expensive on every occasion.

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