Tasteful, Yet Sexy, Gifts for Her

Giving the woman in your life a sexy gift can be a big hit or a big flop-sexy gifts for her should cater to her style of romance and make her feel erotic instead of trashy. Give her a gift that will benefit both of you by choosing gifts that are still tasteful. Here are five sexy gifts for her that encourage a little bit of naughty and a whole lot of nice.

Oils and Lotions: Choose spa-quality massage oils in pleasing scents. This gift can be the ultimate in sexy foreplay or simply be a relaxing de-stressor. Be sure the scent is one she loves, or choose one with proven romantic connections: Rose, jasmine, sandalwood and musk are favorites. Along with the lotions and oils, include an offer to give her a free massage at the time of her choosing.

Bedroom Makeover: Set the atmosphere for romance with a bedroom makeover. This first includes getting all the clutter out and replacing common items with ones that invite passion in. Satin sheets and new plump pillows with rose petals scattered on the bed send a clear message of love, and she'll love the fact that you've transformed the bedroom into a love nest.

Special Food: Some foods have such a strong connection with romance that the message is unmistakable. Give her hand-dipped chocolates along with chocolate body paint, or chocolate-covered strawberries and whipped cream. A bottle of expensive wine or champagne, paired with engraved glasses will melt her heart as well. Anything you can give as a personalized gift, such as her favorite candies or an imported delicacy, can take on a special romantic tone as well.

Poetry: Whether you choose to give her a book of love poetry from some of the world's most recognized poets or compile verses from your own head and heart, she'll swoon over the words and the gesture. Present her with the book of poetry, and read selected poems for her, whether you are on a picnic or in bed. Look for poetry compilations such as "Eternal Love: Romantic Poetry Straight From the Heart" by Stacey Chillemi or "A Book of Love Poetry" by Jon Stallworthy. You can also choose a famous poet and present a collection of the author's most famous love poems-try Robert Burns, William Blake, William Wordsworth, John Keats, William Shakespeare or Lord Byron.

Lingerie: Nothing says romance like lingerie, but it's tough to figure out what is tasteful and what crosses the line. When in doubt of gifts for her, go for something that's simple, silky and lacy. Avoid garments that have too many ties, straps and fasteners. Choose a soft romantic color of lingerie, such as white, green or purple, rather than the dramatic black or red. You'll get the benefit of being tasteful, and she'll still love the lingerie.

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