Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

While it's easy to come up with a generic gift, go the extra mile with these birthday gift ideas for men and seek out a gift that's really tailor made for him.

Appeal to his sense of adventure with a gift that allows him to get out of the normal routine. Whether you give him a membership to the nearest rock climbing gym or pay for pilot lessons, there are many ways to appeal to his inner Indiana Jones. Get him a handheld GPS device and a membership to the local geocaching club, or search out local extreme adventures, such as whitewater rafting, hot air ballooning or a zip line. If all else fails, present him with a subscription to an adventure travel magazine so he can plan out his dream adventure. As long as the birthday gift idea for men promises excitement and a hint of the unknown, it will be a hit.

If your man is into gadgets, then your biggest problem in coming up with a personalized birthday gift is to choose from all the options. From the latest charging station to a rolled up keyboard, the gadget lover will be pleased. Pocket camcorders, custom CD/DVD label makers or even a gift certificate to the iTunes store allow him to express himself through technology. Personalized birthday gifts that focus on technology allow him to expand his media collections and tailor his choices to suit his tastes.

The sports fan can appreciate a personalized birthday gift that reflects his interests. Whether he likes to watch his team on TV or plays on the city baseball league, get him a birthday gift to fit his style. Workout gear, weights, portable weather indicators and bike gear might appeal to the sports and fitness buff, while team logos on just about anything will satisfy the avid fan. Tickets to a sporting event will almost always be appreciated and is a no-fail birthday gift idea for men.

Finally, try appealing to his inner boy with an assortment of fun games and devices designed to shed the years and release the playful person inside. Give him a remote controlled truck, a rocket launcher system or vintage video games. Find the box set of his favorite boyhood movie series or pick up some vintage toys from an auction site for him to enjoy and perhaps share with his own sons someday. You'll be surprised how many grown men enjoy getting toys meant for all ages.

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