Top Gifts for a Husband

Whether you have been married one, five or twenty-five years, choosing gifts for your husband can be a tough job. You want the gift to reflect how much you love and care for him, but you don't want to buy him something he won't use. You want him to use the present, enjoy it and cherish it for years to come. With a little forethought and planning, you can get the perfect gift that your husband will love. And he may even take you out to dinner as a thank-you.

Check Your Budget
The last thing you want to do is go in debt or overspend with a present. That will overshadow the gift and may even result in unnecessary stress. Gifts for your husband do not have to be expensive or even store-bought. They can be inexpensive or handmade and still say, "I love you." With a little ingenuity you can put together a wonderful gift for your husband without emptying the bank account.

Gift Baskets for Men
Gift baskets are often thought of for women, but they are also perfect for men. In fact, they do not even have to be a basket. You can use a bucket, a tool box or even a colorfully decorated box. Here are some ideas for gift baskets for your husband:

Sports Basket. In an ice bucket or cooler: A football (or whatever type of ball goes with his favorite sport), game tickets and a jersey with the team logo on it.

Golf Basket. In a basket lined with a golf towel: Golf balls, tees, green fees and a golfing magazine.

BBQ Basket. In a disposable aluminum baking pan or serving bowl: Tongs, grilling spices, barbecue cookbook, barbecue sauce and a personalized apron.

Grooming Basket. In a travel case: His favorite cologne, aftershave, razors, soap and other personal items. Consider a new electric razor or hair trimmer as well.

Movie Nut Basket. In a popcorn bucket: A collection of his favorite movies, popcorn, his favorite drink and maybe some pay-per-view coupons.

Romantic Basket. In a regular basket: Massage lotion, gift certificate for dinner for two, a romantic movie and a fancy nightie for you to wear for him.

Gift Certificates
If you are having trouble deciding on the perfect gift, one of the best gifts for husbands is a gift certificate. Then he can choose what he really needs or wants most. For example, you may wish to purchase him new tools, but you don't want to ask what he already has, and you might not know what he has tucked away in his garage. This is where a gift certificate to a hardware or home building store comes into play. Other ideas include gift certificates to his favorite sports store, book store or office supply store. Gift certificates to the local gym are also good for a fitness buff.

Personalized Gifts
Bring a little of his own life into the gift. A pen and pencil set or an engraved mug is one way to go. He will also appreciate items with pictures of you and the kids. Consider having portraits taken of the family for his office. Decorate a T-shirt with your children's handprints, or create a tie with their names on it. Make a poster with the kid's handprints and have it framed. Have your children draw or paint pictures for Dad, and then have the children's artwork framed for him. Send him roses and chocolate, and wait to hear about the response from jealous coworkers.

Themed Gifts
You can purchase, or make, many gifts that will fit into your husband's activities or hobbies. If your husband enjoys gardening, give him seeds, some new gardening tools, a gardening stool and a subscription to a gardening magazine. If your husband is a businessman, some gift ideas might be office supplies, a new coffee maker or grinder, a nice picture for on his office wall or even a flower arrangement for the office. A chef might appreciate a new apron with a fun theme and the ingredients for a specific meal or a cookbook.

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