Christmas Gifts for Teenagers

Some people on your list are hard to shop for, but teenagers are pretty easy to please if you follow a few simple tips when it comes to unique gifts for teenagers. It's a fine line between getting the most popular gadget of the season versus coming up with something that is as unique as your teen is.

Many teens are passionate about something-whether it's endangered animals, a particular rock band or a certain sport. Find a great gift for teens that is tailored toward that passion and your teen will be grateful. Make a donation in a teen's name towards her favorite charity or arrange for a charitable activity for her to do. Adopt an endangered animal on behalf of your teen; the monthly updates will keep your teen posted on how things are going. For those with a celebrity crush, look for clothes, concert tickets, memorabilia, pop culture magazine subscription or even a DVD collection of the celebrity as unique gifts for teens.

Of course, gadgets and technology are a big part of most teens' lives, so gifts in that area will always be appreciated. Consider an MP3 card, essentially a gift card for downloadable music. A DVD rental subscription is an inexpensive option that gives your teen a chance to pick the movies he wants to rent and teaches him about responsibility when it comes time to managing the account. CDs, DVDs and video games are great gifts for teens as well. For the budding photographer, give him a reasonably priced digital camera.

You'll never go wrong with a gift certificate to a clothing store or plain old cash, but there are clever ways to give these kind of gifts for teenagers. Set up a treasure hunt, with the first clue wrapped up under the tree. The final clue leads them to an envelope with a gift certificate inside. Give a teen girl a dozen money roses. Simply arrange one or two bills around a silk rose stem as "leaves" and attach with small green rubber bands. Lay the bouquet in a floral box for her to open. Be more direct by giving the teen a book and placing the bills throughout the pages. Make a money tree, by taking a dead branch with lots of twigs and attaching the bills with rubber bands all over. Put the branch in a terra-cotta pot filled with gravel.

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Since teenagers are always changing, finding good gifts for teens can be a challenge. But, if you do some planning, take who they are into consideration and get creative you can come up with the perfect gift idea.

Finding gifts for teen girls can be challenging. The interests of teen girls range from fashion and music to electronics and gaming. Here are some general suggestions that can narrow down your options.

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When it comes to gifts for teenage boys, creativity is a must. While boys always act cool, they like a box all gussied up with ribbons and bows as much as the girls do.

While it may seem that teens won't be happy unless they have the latest in everything, these gift ideas for homemade Christmas gifts for teens will not only please them, but show them you truly care.

Today's teenage girls have so many different personalities that choosing the right gifts for teenage girls can become quite a challenge. However, the better you know the teen girl, the easier it will be to select a gift that will make her happy. Go beyond clothes and cash to come up with a unique gift for teens that reminds her how special she is.

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