Gifts for Teenage Boys

When it comes to purchasing gifts for teenage boys, you need to do some detective work. Because trends change so drastically from year to year, it's difficult to rely on what you might have enjoyed as a gift when you were a teen. Instead, look around you. What do you see teens participating in and enjoying? Just by paying attention, you'll be able to come up with unique gifts for teens who are tough to please.

You might think you can't go wrong with music, but, truth is, you can go very, very wrong. Yes, just about every teen you'll see today will have some type of iPod or headphones stuck in his ears, but you won't have any idea what type of music he's listening to. And guessing is not what music gifts should be about. If you want to purchase a music gift and don't know what type of music you should get, be safe and go for boring. Buy the gift card. Your recipient would prefer having a gift card over having to return something he doesn't want.

Computers and Accessories
Another hot ticket item is a computer. If you don't want to spend several hundred dollars, forget either a desktop or laptop version. Instead, opt for accessories. A laptop case for today's teenage computer guru is perhaps one of the greatest teen gifts on the market. Again, you can go for the gift card, but, if you know your teen well enough, you can always purchase the items yourself or take the teen shopping with you. Then let him pick out a memory card, flash drive or headphones.

Clothing and Personal Hygiene
If you're looking for great gifts for teens, pick up a hoodie. Hoodies and lounge shorts always go over well with teen boys, but, again, if you don't know what logo would be perfect, then go with the gift card. Even when you know the teen well, you could go wrong because styles change every day.

Hair products and other personal hygiene products will always come in handy. And don't be fooled: Even teenage boys use pore-cleaning strips, they just don't like to admit it. If you're the parent or the sister or brother, acne lotions and other personal hygiene products would be appreciated-as long as you don't embarrass him in front of his friends or girlfriend. If giving personal products, do so in private.

School Accessories
Anything to do with school would be a great gift for a teen boy. The reason: He won't pick that kind of stuff up himself. He'd rather use all of his spare change in the vending machine in between classes than save up for a new notebook. Notebooks, mechanical pencils, markers, backpacks, a season pass to sporting events, hot lunch tickets and vending machine change will be appreciated.

Exercise and Sporting Equipment
Because boys like to get buff, any type of exercise equipment would bring a smile to his face. Barbells, free weights, an exercise book or chart or even vitamins appropriate for his age and okayed by his doctor and you would be acceptable.

As for sporting equipment, know your teen before you purchase anything. If he's into snagging balls on the lawn with Dad, he's probably into hitting baseballs in the park with his friends. A personalized bat would win him over in a heartbeat, and a new glove would be appreciated. Even if he has a special glove that he doesn't allow anyone else to touch, it's great to have a second glove around for impromptu sessions with his best friend, grandfather or girlfriend.

When all else fails, a gift card to a sporting goods store will give him a chance to go shopping with his buddies. Add a gift card for his favorite fast food restaurant and a gas card, and you may have just become best pals.

Personalized Items
Because boys are usually too cool to allow themselves to say they want anything corny, you walk a fine line when you personalize items. Even though you have to approach this item in a joking manner, you'd be surprised how much a teen boy would love to see a few pictures of him and his buddies on a personalized Rubik's Cube or on a mouse pad.

A few other interesting personalized items that can be made or ordered include a personalized popcorn bowl made out of an album by one of his favorite groups. And a T-shirt personalized with his favorite saying could only be termed "da bomb!"

Miscellaneous Gifts for Teenage Boys
Offer a stipend toward the stock market. If you have expertise or knowledge in the stock market, help him strategize and form a plan early on in life.

Teenage boys are also interested in useless trivia. Purchase a trivia book and watch him outsmart his sisters and friends time and time again.

Never out rule gifts a teenage boy might consider cool, and never underestimate what those gifts might be. Sunglasses, for instance, would be a cool gift. Expensive sunglasses would be even better-then he could showoff a bit. Be prepared, however, for a roll of the eyes and a nonchalant shrug. Teen boys usually act as if nothing is important. But not to worry, it's really just as act. You could probably just hand him a container of Silly Putty and watch him entertain himself all afternoon.

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