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When it comes to gifts for teens-whether it is for a birthday, Christmas or graduation-the gifts can be just as difficult to figure out, or so it seems. And buying gifts for all these occasions can be quite a challenge. Not only are you working with a budget, but you're also trying to figure out your teen's personality.

Hang in there. A little thought, planning and ingenuity can go a long way, and your favorite teen will think you are as cool as they are.

Gift Baskets for Teens
Gift baskets are great for any and all celebrations, and you can include items that highlight your teenager's diverse styles. They are fun to make and are unique gifts for teens-no two baskets will be exactly alike.

You can include inexpensive items from the local dollar store, homemade treats or even fun yard sale and thrift shop treasures. Here are some fun gift basket ideas that can get you started:

  • Sports Nut Basket: Is your teen nuts about a particular sport or sports team? If so, then this kind of gift basket is perfect. Your gift basket might actually be a storage bin with a team logo on it or a hanging laundry basket with the sports theme. Whether your teen is a soccer, football, basketball or golf enthusiast, you can find items to fit the bill and include in your gift basket. Items such as cups, water bottles, ball caps, stationary or team t-shirts all are good ideas for a sports theme gift basket.
  • Frilly and Feminine Gift Basket: This basket is for the teen who enjoys being a girl and who adores the color pink. For the container, choose a fun overnight bag or oversized sparkly purse. Then include fun girly things, such as body spray, bubble bath, hair barrettes and unique pony tail holders, body wash, inexpensive jewelry, a new curling iron, make-up or nail polish.
  • I'm a Tough Guy Gift Basket: Young guys are the hardest to buy for-there's no doubt about that. You'll be on the path to gift-giving success with this basket, which will show your teenager you think he is all guy. You might want to put the items in a small garbage can he can use for his room or even a gym bag. You could include some of his favorite snacks and soda, a favorite video game, the latest body building magazine, whatever type of cologne or deodorant he uses or a goofy t-shirt.

When preparing a gift basket, keep in mind that the actual basket never has to be, well, a basket. The contents of the gift basket should also reflect items with a range of prices, and those items should look both to your teen's past and to the future. The more you consider your teen's style and the more you recognize that he is growing up, the more your teen will appreciate your attempts to shop for his personality.

Personalized Gifts for Teens
You can purchase items that have their name imprinted on it, such as mugs, shirts, blankets, beach towels, wall hangings and duffel bags. Personalized gifts can be special-ordered from local shops or online, or you can make them yourself. Jewelry with her initials is another great personalized teen gift. Just make sure that you request the personalized gifts in plenty of time for them to be shipped to your house before the big event.

Video Games and DVDs
One place you can't go wrong in the gift department with teenagers is to purchase the latest video game. Just make sure you know which game system they have. While video games can be quite costly, they don't always have to be. Check local game stores, online stores and places like eBay for used versions. Music CDs and movies are another great idea, but make sure you know your teen's tastes before you start shopping. It never hurts to ask, as teens are often obsessed with music, movies and entertainment in general. Wrap these items with their favorite snack food, some new headphones, a CD player or portable DVD player, and you have the perfect gift for your teenager.

Consider a Gift Certificate
When all else fails and you simply run out of time or don't know the teen well that you're need a gift for, consider a gift certificate. This allows them to choose what they enjoy. Gift certificates for fast food restaurants are always appreciated as teenagers, especially boys, never stop eating. Other nice ideas for gift certificates include game stroes, sport stores, the local book and music store, a gym, the movie theater or entertainment centers, like mini-golf courses.

Be Creative
With a little forethought and imagination you can shop for teens without overspending. Most teens are just as pleased with gifts of small things that let them know you love them. Sometimes large, more expensive gifts are appropriate, but it may not be as often as you think. Teenagers need to learn to appreciate the small things in life and not expect something expensive on every occasion. So be creative and design a gift that is just right for your teen. It's not as hard as you think.

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