Homemade Christmas Gifts for Teens

While it may seem that teens won't be happy unless they have the latest in everything, these gift ideas for homemade Christmas gifts for teens will not only please them, but show them you truly care.

Give the personalized gift of a fleece blanket, perfect for watching TV, keeping warm at a football game or covering a bed. Choose from hundreds of fleece material patterns, selecting ones that match your teen's hobby, favorite sports team, room colors or school colors. After pinning two sections of fleece together use scissors to cut 1 inch wide strips into all four sides. Tie the strip on top to the strip on the bottom into a double knot and work your way around. When all sides are tied and pins are removed, you're done with this impressive homemade holiday gift.

If you know the teen well, consider creating a shadow box that highlights his or her achievements and hobbies. Purchase an empty box at the craft store along with scrapbook embellishments. Include items that represent their hobby. Whether it's dance, sports, horses or golf, you can create a shadow box for your teen's personalized gift. Or, give them something funky, such as a decoupaged stool, mirror with wooden frame or wall plaque. Cut out magazine pictures with a theme or just a collection of cool words. Cover the wooden item with decoupage glue and apply the paper, collage style. Cover with one more coat and let dry.

What teenager doesn't like a gift of food? Take a turn at making homemade candy, such as dipped chocolates, peanut brittle, caramels, pinoche or divinity. Place the candies in an attractive tin and the teen will dive right into the homemade holiday gift. Consider presenting a decorative tub full of cookie dough. Simple prepare the teen's favorite cookie dough and pack a rubber tub full. Include baking instructions as well so they can have a batch of fresh cookies anytime, although eating it plain is fine, too. The dough will keep in the fridge for up to two weeks or it can be frozen.

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Since teenagers are always changing, finding good gifts for teens can be a challenge. But, if you do some planning, take who they are into consideration and get creative you can come up with the perfect gift idea.

Finding gifts for teen girls can be challenging. The interests of teen girls range from fashion and music to electronics and gaming. Here are some general suggestions that can narrow down your options.

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When it comes to gifts for teenage boys, creativity is a must. While boys always act cool, they like a box all gussied up with ribbons and bows as much as the girls do.

Some people on your list are hard to shop for, but teenagers are pretty easy to please if you follow a few simple tips when it comes to unique gifts for teenagers. It's a fine line between getting the most popular gadget of the season versus coming up with something that is as unique as your teen is.

Today's teenage girls have so many different personalities that choosing the right gifts for teenage girls can become quite a challenge. However, the better you know the teen girl, the easier it will be to select a gift that will make her happy. Go beyond clothes and cash to come up with a unique gift for teens that reminds her how special she is.

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