Do-It-Yourself Gift Certificates

Why give someone a gift certificate?

It can be difficult to come up with the perfect gift all of the time. Many people already have all of the things that they really want and need, but when gift-giving time comes, no one wants to be empty-handed. Several factors make a do-it-yourself gift certificate a great gift. First, it is made specifically for a certain person. This shows the thoughtfulness that went into the gift and makes the recipient feel special. Second, it is cost-effective. Because it is written on paper with the gift being redeemed in the future, the amount of money spent is minimal. Finally, a gift certificate can be created for something that isn't tangible; something that cannot be wrapped up with a bow. It can offer someone your time and attention and that is priceless.

What is the gift certificate going to give?

Take some time to think about the recipient. What are his or her likes or dislikes? What does he enjoy doing? What is she always talking about? Use the answers to these questions to come up with the value of the gift certificate. It can be as simple as uninterrupted time on a Saturday afternoon or as elaborate as a day spent hiking and picnicking in the woods. If you are struggling with ideas, check out some of the coupon or gift certificate books in a library or bookstore. Browse through the pages to get some ideas.

How do you make a gift certificate?

This does not have to be something with an intricate design. It can be made on a computer or by hand. It can be written with marker, pen or even crayon (this is perfect for kids.)

Be sure to include the following information:

  • The recipient's name
  • The gift giver's name
  • What is being given

Embellishment ideas include:

  • Adding a photo or picture
  • Cutting decorative edges
  • Special paper or stationary

If you want to add a little something extra, consider attaching the gift certificate to something that goes along with the gift. If the certificate is for an undisturbed afternoon of reading, place it atop a new book. Put it in a wine glass for a romantic evening at home. Tie it to fishing pole if it involves a day trip to the lake.

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