Homemade Birthday Gift Ideas

When thinking of homemade birthday gift ideas, consider your talents first. If you can cook, then you should make a food gift. If you are artistic, consider making a treasure box. The gift is even more special because of your involvement in the creation; you have put a part of yourself in the gift.

Homemade Goodies
If you enjoy baking, the possibilities for a unique birthday gift are endless. When looking for something for a young adult, you can't go wrong with a batch of their favorite homemade cookies. Get a decorative box, wrap the cookies in plastic wrap to keep them fresh, and then wrap them with ribbon. For adults, make homemade chocolates or truffles. Add a bottle of wine, put everything in a basket wrap it up with cellophane and you have a lovely gift.

Treasure Boxes
One terrific handmade gift someone with artistic skills can make is a treasure box. A treasure box is a perfect handmade gift for man, woman, boy or girl. Everyone has treasures they want to keep. Treasure boxes can be simple or fancy depending on your taste and artistic ability. Simple wood boxes in assorted shapes can be purchased at a local craft store, and the rest is up to you. One of the nicest treasure boxes is a simple brown-stained box with a piece of scrimshaw mounted on the cover. A box adorned with beads or shells in patterns can be used as a jewelry box for a young lady. You can also decoupage shapes or magazine clippings to give the treasure box a fun and funky style.

Embrace your inner Martha Stewart, and create a heartfelt homemade gift. The time and love you put into its creation is bound to be appreciated. Thinking outside the department store and using your imagination will result in a memorable birthday gift.

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