Make a Homemade Thank-You Gift Jar

A gift jar is a creative and thoughtful way to show someone your appreciation. When you make a homemade thank-you gift jar, you give a personalized acknowledgment that truly shows how much you care. Because they are a gift from the heart, gift jars are the perfect way to say thank you to a friend, co-worker or family member.

The recipient

To personalize a homemade thank-you gift jar, keep in mind the recipient's likes and tastes. Does the person enjoy coffee or tea? If so, create a gift from the kitchen. A sewing-kit gift jar is an ideal gift for someone who enjoys crafts, while a mini-spa in a jar will be appreciated by that someone special who deserves an afternoon of relaxation.


Homemade gift jars are most commonly made using Mason jars of various sizes. The gift is placed inside, and the jar is personalized with ribbon and a card. For food gifts, the card generally provides a recipe, but you can also write a personal note on the attached card. What you place inside the jar depends on what type of gift you make.

Food gift jars

There are many ways to say thank you with food. You can go simple and create a tea or coffee blend in a jar or give a homemade treat, such as cookies. You can also fill a jar with homemade candies, and then decorate the jar.

The key to making a homemade food gift jar is to only include nonperishable ingredients. For recipes like drinks, cakes or pancakes, Tidy Mom shows how to place each ingredient in a jar (with the exception of those that are wet). A recipe that includes any extra items outside of what's in the jar should list those items on the card attached to the lid.

Sewing kit

A sewing kit in a jar takes a few extra steps because the lid of the jar will be turned into a pin cushion. Even if you are not very crafty, Momtastic shows how you can put together a no-sew sewing gift jar that will be used repeatedly.

Mini spa

Not everyone has time to take the day off and head to the spa. You can tell someone how much she is appreciated by giving the gift of a spa in a jar for use at home. Relaxation is only moments away with simple creations like Paula Deen's sweet tea with lemon sugar scrub or the scented bath salts idea from Three Peas in a Pod.

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