Make Christmas Banners for Your Hostess

Christmas banners are an ideal hostess gift for anytime from Thanksgiving day right up to Christmas Eve. A Christmas banner is a lovely little gift that can be used right away to add beauty to the home of your hostess.

To make a Christmas banner, you will need letters to spell your message, fabric or scrapbooking papers in holiday colors, a length or ribbon or cording to hang the banner tags from and a coordinating ribbon to make hangers. You may also want buttons or other decorative elements to really help dress up your banner.

While it is simplest to make your banner using stickers or die cut letters, you can make them yourself too. If you decide to make them yourself, you should trace your letters on scrap paper or newspaper first so you don't waste good paper if you make a mistake. I like to use a bit of glitter to make the message really special.

After your letters are ready, it is time to make the banner. Choose a shape and cut out enough pieces so each letter will have an individual piece. Triangular flags or stars are most common, but tag shapes, trees and even snowmen also work. If you decide to cut the pieces out of fabric, I recommend using flannel or felt so you don't have to worry about frayed edges. If the fabric is too flimsy, iron some interfacing to the back to stiffen it.

Next, glue your letters to the shapes. Add any decorative elements now. Once the letters are in place, it is time to make your hangers. Cut 4-inch pieces of ribbon and create a U shape. Glue the loose ends to the shape to create a hanging loop. If you use fabric pieces for the banner, you may want to sew the ribbon pieces on with a button covering the raw ends instead.

Finally, slide the shapes onto your banner ribbon, being sure to keep them in order so that they spell out your message.

For a fun variation of this project, create 25 shapes with a pocket in the front. Create a numbered tag for each pocket and use the tags to count down the days until Christmas. You can make the numbered tags very elaborate and include treats in each pocket to make your homemade advent calendar even more special.

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