Great Teacher Gift Ideas

Here are some great teacher gift ideas that will help make your gift giving process easier. The holidays are a time of fun and fellowship, but they also mark a time of gift giving. Often included on the list of people for whom we want to buy are those beyond the typical circle of family and close friends. We often want to buy something for those who touch our lives, such as our children's teachers. But tight budgets and not knowing the person very well can hinder the gift giving process. What do you give your child's teacher? 

Gift certificates are great gift ideas
One simple way to give your favorite teacher a gift, especially when you don't know what they like, is to go the route of a gift certificate. Everyone likes to eat out and almost all teachers love books. So an easy choice is a gift certificate to a local restaurant or bookstore. That allows the recipient of the gift to choose their own gifts, through you.

Gift baskets, easy custom made gifts
Gift baskets are another great teacher gift idea. These are easy to put together and can be as inexpensive or costly as you like. Start with a basket, or any other type of container, as your base. Line with pretty tissue paper and fill. Think themes when choosing a gift basket. A gourmet food basket might be lined with a pretty napkin and filled with gourmet foods such as special sauces, special kitchen utensils and a new cookbook. Another great gift basket idea would be one filled with teacher's supplies such as pencils, glue, staples, red pens and tissues.

Handmade gifts
Letting the student make the gift is one way of letting the teacher know just how special she is to your family. A sweet poem in a picture frame, a simple handprint wall hanging or a unique holiday ornament is just one of many ideas you could choose. You can also let the child create a custom mini gift basket by using a coffee mug. Fill with some teabags and a few small treats. Add a colorful ribbon and you have a fun gift for your child's teacher in a snap.

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