Unique Teacher Gifts

Unique teacher gifts have nothing to do with to the classroom. Teachers spend an entire summer away from school, doing things that normal people do: vacationing, traveling, gardening and spending time with family and friends. Gifts for a teacher that can be used outside the classroom are always a big hit. It's simply a matter of knowing the teacher's interests, and plenty of clues have no doubt been dropped during the school year. Is the teacher an avid reader? A homemade bookmark is the perfect gift. Does the teacher like to travel? Consider a homemade luggage tag.

If your child is stuck for ideas, have her ask the teacher what he plans to do during the summer. The answer should provide plenty of ideas for teacher gifts.

Teacher Gifts from the Garden
If your teacher lives in an apartment with a balcony, give her a hanging tomato plant. Make it unique by turning it upside down!


  • 10-gallon pail with a handle
  • Cherry tomato plant
  • Regular tomato plant
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Bag of soil

Cut a hole in the middle of the bottom of the pail. When you are done, set the pail, right side up, over two chairs so that the hole lands between the chairs. Insert the tomato plants into the hole gently. Roots will be inside the pail while the foliage will be sticking out of the hole. Use sphagnum moss to keep the plants from falling out through the hole. Gently add soil around the moss and roots until you have filled the pot to about ¾ full. Use the handle to hang the plant. Remind the teacher to rotate the plant so that it does not grow lopsided. This gift will provide the teacher with fresh tomatoes all summer and well into the fall.

If your teacher doesn't have a patio or an area in which to grow his own garden, make a windowsill garden for him. Take cuttings from your existing herbs and plant them in small pots that can fit on a windowsill. Add a few simple but fantastic recipes that call for the same herbs, and put the recipes and pots into a small wicker basket.

Teacher Gift Basket
A movie basket is both thoughtful and unique. Pick out several movies or a gift card for a movie-rental store, add a bag of microwave popcorn, a bottle of her favorite soda and a theater-size box of candy.

If your teacher loves to read, make a homemade fleece afghan and place it in a box with a handful of homemade chocolate-covered pretzels. For a finishing touch, add a gift certificate to the local bookstore.

If your teacher prefers fun in the sun, pick up a beach towel, a sun hat or sunscreen and a fun plastic glass for all those days spent on the beach or near a backyard pool.

For more gift ideas, think about where your teacher lives. Does she have a cottage or live by the water? If she does, you could make a sand candle for the bathroom or pinecone fire starters for the campfire or fireplace. A tin with a handle, filled with marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate and an extra long fold-up toasting fork is an excellent gift. 

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