Halloween Cupcake Ideas

Go beyond brown and orange frosting to convert Halloween cupcake ideas into some truly amazing cupcake holiday art. For a class party or home party, cupcakes are a wonderful way to deliver a tasty dessert without much mess. Cupcakes can also be decorate to match the Halloween theme and bring a bit of festive touch to any gathering. 

Autumn Spirit. Honor the coming of the harvest with some autumn leaf cupcakes. Frost cupcakes with white frosting and pipe on orange, red and yellow leaves using the leaf cake decorating tip. Place a candy pumpkin in the center, and pipe on thin curling green vines.

Spider Webs. You've seen these in the grocery store bakeries, but they're easy to do at home. Frost cupcakes with a light color, then pipe three circles of black or brown frosting in three circles around the cupcake, like a bulls eye. Use a toothpick to drag a thin line from the center of the cupcake, creating about five spokes. The dark frosting will drag through the light frosting, creating a web-like look. Top each cupcake with a plastic spider ring.

Eency Weency Spider. Make a nest of spiders that are completely harmless. Frost a cupcake with purple frosting. Use thin black licorice pieces for legs and poke them into the sides of the cupcake, just above the top of the paper holder; four on each side. Place a purple gumdrop on one side for the head and pipe on two white eyes and fangs.

Ugh-a-bug. Make an assortment of bugs and beetles with different candies and colors of frosting. For example, make a bumblebee by frosting a cupcake with yellow. Then pipe black stripes onto the bee, as well as eyes. Cut a dark chocolate mint cookie in half and embed the pieces like wings. A bit of black licorice becomes the stinger. Make dragonflies, beetles, ladybugs, cockroaches and even ants.

Dirt -n worms. Make worm cupcakes using gummy worms and brown frosting. Crush chocolate cookies up fine and sprinkle on top of frosting. Use two worms to decorate the top so it looks like they're crawling out of the dirt.

Eyeball Cakes. For older kids, eyeball cupcakes are a hit. Frost cupcakes with white frosting. Pipe thin lines of red from the eyeball to the edges, making the top look like a bloodshot eye. Place a novelty plastic eyeball in the center. Note: plastic eyeballs can be a choking hazard and are not appropriate for younger kids.

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