Halloween Games for Teenagers

Try some Halloween games for teenagers from this list and get the party going.

Halloween Scary Tableau
Divide into teams of about four players each. Give each team a brown bag of random props. The more random, the better. No knives or obvious things. For example, a banana, a hat, a pencil, a doll, and a pair of sunglasses could be in one of the bags. Each team has to use all of their props and get together in a frozen pose illustrating a murder or scary scene in progress. They freeze in their pose and the host takes their picture to print out later. Teams are judged by the host and may have to explain what is going on in their scene, but it's great hilarious and creative fun.

Monster Maker
Divide into teams of 4-6 players each. The object is to make a monster together with the number of legs and arms touching the floor matching the numbers called out by the host. For example, the host calls out "6 legs and 7 arms," so each team has to get together into a single monster with that number of arms and legs touching the floor. The rest cannot be touching the floor. The host uses a stopwatch to give about 2 minutes to do this. Then the host calls out a different number combination, reducing one or the other of the numbers the next time. See which team can become a monster with the fewest numbers of arms and legs.

Candy Bar Guessing Game
Buy a selection of chocolate candy bars - about ten different varieties, two of each. Open each one and break it approximately in half, putting half on a paper plate. Number the paper plates with a pencil. Then, take a piece of paper for the answer key and write down what kind of candy bar you put on each plate. (For example, Plate #1 - Baby Ruth; Plate #2 - 3 Musketeers, Plate #3 - Kit Kat, etc.) Then, one by one, melt each piece on the plate in the microwave, just enough so it gets mushy, but no puddles! Line the plates up on a table, give guests a paper and pencil, and (without tasting), have them try to guess which candy bar is which. Winners get candy bars of course! Divide the whole ones up accordingly. As for the other half of the ones you used? Break them up and put them over ice cream for a yummy party dessert.

Balloon Blow Up Race
Give each person a balloon. Explain that the object is to blow up the balloon until it pops. Whoever accomplishes this first is the winner - then count to three and say GO!

Killer Instinct
One person is the "killer." Other players go and hide somewhere. All lights are off, the killer puts on a scary costume and walks around with a flashlight. If he finds you, you're dead. You go to the "morgue" and lay down in rows with the other victims. Last person to be caught is the winner! Scary music or sound effects compliment this game well.

Poke in the Eye
You need a blindfold, chairs and a bowl of Jell-O (or similar textured substance) for this game. Everyone leaves the room except three people and the host. The three people seat themselves on chairs lined in a row. The host goes out of the room where the other players are gathered and blindfolds one. The blindfolded volunteer is guided into the room. The host explains to the volunteer that he is to try and recognize by touch each of the three people who are seated. The host holds the index finger of the volunteer and guides it over the face of the first seated person. The host says "This is the nose" as the finger is guided over the nose. "These are the lips" as the finger is guided over the lips. "This is the left eye," as the finger is guided over the left eye lid. Do likewise with the right eye. After this is done, the host asks the volunteer to guess the identity of the person seated on the chair. The host then moves on to the second seated person and does the same. With the third seated person, only this time, when the host is holding the index finger of the volunteer and is just about to stroke the right eyelid, the host plunges the finger into a bowl of Jell-O. The seated person yells, "MY EYE!" The volunteer thinks he has just plunged his finger into the seated person's right eye. SCREAMS! The people outside of the room wonder what is going on! Repeat all this again with another volunteer who is outside of the room. Eventually you will have a room full of prior victims anticipating the "Jell-O moment". It gets funnier each time.

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