Halloween Party Foods

Halloween party foods are one of the many things that kids love about Halloween. For the past few decades children have enjoyed foods such as cupcakes, cookies and even apples, all decked out in festive colors. These Halloween party foods can still be seen today. The only difference is that healthy foods are also joining the mix. Did you ever think you'd go to a Halloween party and see healthy foods next to classic Halloween treats? This year, why not consider it? You could fix up some of your kid's favorite Halloween party foods, while also preparing healthy foods for guests that may be on restricted diets.

Classic Halloween Party Foods
There are some foods that every Halloween party simply must have. You have to have cupcakes decorated with a Halloween theme, caramel apples and frosted sugar cookies shaped like ghosts, pumpkins or even spiders. Last, but not least, every Halloween party needs some slime-colored punch. These are the foods that make a Halloween party great. Of course, you also can't forget big bowls of candy. What would Halloween be without candy?

Where to Find Healthy Halloween Party Foods
You can find a virtual cornucopia of sugar-free candy online. There are hundreds of stores that offer several different varieties that can be used in treat bags or served at your Halloween party. While online, you also can shop for other sugar-free foods, including desserts. If you're lucky, you'll even be able to find healthy Halloween party foods at your local bakery. Stop by and ask if they offer sugar-free foods that feature a Halloween theme.

Healthy Appetizers
A great way to make a Halloween party healthier is to serve healthy appetizers. For example, you could wrap chunks of cheese in thinly sliced turkey and decorate to create mummies. Another fun and healthy Halloween party idea is to make a graveyard pizza. Roll out whole wheat pizza into a cookie sheet and top with sauce and cheese. Allow children to decorate the pizza with other foods so that it looks like a graveyard. After the pizza has baked, cut it into small appetizer-size portions. These Halloween party foods are easy to prepare and always a big hit.

Healthy Main Course Options
If appetizers aren't enough for your party guests, you also can prepare full meals that feature a creepy Halloween theme. A perfect example would be spaghetti with eyeballs. For this recipe, all you need to do is prepare spaghetti as normal and add turkey meatballs stuffed with pimento-stuffed olives. Another option is to make a pumpkin stew and serve it inside a pumpkin. You can tell your party guests that it's roadkill stew. The important thing is to choose Halloween party foods that kids will love and that they will never know are healthy.

Low Sugar Halloween Party Foods
More and more children are being diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. Unfortunately, this means that many kids don't get the chance to enjoy Halloween party foods. But it doesn't have to be this way. There are several low-sugar party foods you can prepare. For example, dip apples in melted, low-carb chocolate. This is a great alternative to caramel apples. Other low-sugar Halloween party foods include cupcakes made with low-sugar cake mixes and frosting, sugar-free cookies frosted with low-sugar frosting, and chocolate covered bananas made with sugar-free chocolate and low-carb candies.

Healthy Halloween Party Treat Bags
Unfortunately, finding sugar-free Halloween candy can be tricky. Still, there are things you can do to make Halloween treat bags more fun for diabetics. All you need to do is purchase different types of sugar-free candy, mix them together, and package them inside Halloween treat bags. This way, even children who have to watch their sugar can enjoy the party favors. If you know the party goers, you also can prepare candy yourself by pouring sugar-free chocolate into candy molds.

Halloween party foods don't have to be loaded with fat, calories and sugar to be tasty. Take time to experiment with your favorite classic Halloween foods until you come up with some healthy alternatives. Also. don't forget that treat bags don't have to be loaded with Halloween candy. You can choose any sugar-free candies and create your own custom mix. These are great for all your party goers, because everyone knows that kids consume way too much sugar on Halloween. This year, prepare classic party foods, but also take time to make healthy Halloween party foods as well. Your conscience will thank you for it.

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