Halloween Party Games for Teens

Keep the kids having appropriate fun with these Halloween ideas and Halloween party games for teens.

Teen Party Guidelines
First, there are some guidelines for teen parties that will help ensure they are safe, appropriate and also fun for the teens. The most important thing to do first is to have a conversation with your teen to set the guidelines and be sure they are clear from the start. Involve your teen in setting expectations to encourage agreement and reduce resistance.

Whenever having a party for teens, adults need to be present to chaperone. Some teens may try to push limits by bringing alcohol or engaging in behavior that is inappropriate. Adults need to be there to set limits and be sure that the party is safe for everyone. Consider soliciting other parents to help too. A 6:1 ratio is a good count for teen to adult population at a teen party. Chaperones can dress in costume, too - but be sure to look different from the teens. Chaperones can remain somewhat behind the scenes, but be available for help or enforce rules. Visible adult chaperones are often all that is needed to deter any possible misbehavior.

A teen party should have a clear beginning and ending time. Then teens and parents are all on the right page and the party has a real ending. Also, in addition to decorating for the party, be sure to designate which areas of the house the party should stay in. For example, most parents do not want teens to venture into the bedrooms upstairs. You can use Halloween decorations to designate the limits of the party areas.

A theme may make it easier for teens to select a costume. Costumes can be optional if desired, depending on what the host wants. Make the expectations clear in the invitation, along with starting and ending time, and guest policies. For example, if you don't want crashers or guests to bring extra friends along, be specific on the invitation.

Teens like to graze during a party, so have food choices that are easy to grab and eat while standing. Good choices are always pizza and other munchies, with cookies rather than cake. Of course, you may not need dessert because a good variety of Halloween candy is traditional. Rice Krispy treats are also a great Halloween party food and can be decorated with colored frosting to make ghosts, spiders, webs and other spooky designs or words. Decorate the bowl, tables, and windows with silly string or fake cobwebs. For freaky looking Halloween party food, food coloring is always an easy way to make traditional food look kind of gross in a fun way. Consider mixing parmesan cheese with various colors of food coloring and melting it atop a pizza. Or make a batch of Halloween popcorn by coloring melted white chocolate with different food colors and drizzling it over popcorn and chilling until firm. A "scary" punch can be made with a mixture of sodas, or a little dry ice added to a regular punch recipe for some fog.

It's a good idea to have a room that has a scary (or funny-scary) movie playing for guests to drop in and watch as they like. Comfy chairs, couches, or lots of pillows are good to have available for those who would choose to hang out in there. Have good music playing in the other area(s) of the house.

Depending on the crowd, some funny Halloween relays or mixer games may be a good choice. Consider a pumpkin relay involving passing a small pumpkin down a line under the chin, or walking with one between the knees.

Costume contests with awards for most creative, funniest, strangest, most surprising and most ordinary costumes can be fun.

Teens like to hang out and socialize, so you may not need to plan too much in terms of activities. Just a few things will probably be all you need for a two-hour party.

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