Creative Halloween Party Invitations

Want to dig up some creative Halloween party invitations for your next party? Creative Halloween cards set the mood for your party before the party even begins, priming the pump for a night of fun.

Murder Mystery Halloween Party Invitations
Invite guests to a murder mystery-themed Halloween party by sending out "Whodunit?" cards, complete with character assignments and descriptions. You can use a forensics theme on the cards or a Sherlock Holmes hat or a magnifying glass. Use your imagination to come up with a good mystery-related theme for the invitation.

Spooky Limericks Halloween Invitations
Write your own spooky limericks, leaving out the final word on each one. Tell guests they get a prize if they can fill in the last word on each limerick, encouraging them to bring the invitation to the party with them. Write your limericks on Halloween-themed cardstock or paper.

Costume Cut-Out Party Invitations
Collect the ads and costume catalogues that you get in the mail or with the paper. Cut out various costumes from the catalogues, and paste them onto your Halloween party invitations, writing the invitation in a cartoon bubble coming out of the costumed character's mouth. "You are invited to a costume party at…" Use orange or black cardstock to make the cards, and then use the cutouts to do the rest.

Creepy Crawler Halloween Party Invitations
Make your own creepy crawler party invitations by cutting cardstock into fat worm-like shapes. Paste googly eyes onto your worm invitations. Invite your guests to come get "creeped out" this Halloween, and then include a handful of gummy worms in a plastic baggie, stuffed inside over-sized envelopes.

Jack-O-Lantern Invitations
Fashion your cards from orange cardstock, cutting out individual jack-o-lanterns for each invitation. Include a cardstock knife and orange pumpkin inside the card with a note inviting your guests to come carve their own pumpkin at your party. This is perfect for an outdoor party with a fire in a fire ring and pumpkin carving on a picnic table.

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