Simple Kids Halloween Party Ideas

Throwing a kids Halloween party is a piece of cake if you keep things simple and fun. When it comes to entertaining kids, you don't have to go overboard with decorations in order to capture the Halloween spirit. A basic theme, some Halloween crafts and great food are all that you need to make a Halloween party to remember.

Choosing A Halloween Party Theme
Since Halloween has many characters, colors and imagery associated with it, you don't have to try to find a specific theme for your kids Halloween party. The best way to keep your party simple is to focus on one aspect of Halloween. You can have a fall harvest-themed party and use scarecrows, pumpkins and crows in your decorations. You can have a witchy party with broomsticks, black cats and bubbling cauldrons displayed. You can also just pick your favorite items from the party store that will get your guests in the spirit without scaring little children.

Party Activities And Crafts
In addition to your theme, you'll also need to plan your activities. The ages of the children at your party will determine what kinds of games and crafts you can do. Preschool age children normally have the attention span for one craft and one game.

With older children, you can get away with doing more. If you're going to do more than one craft, consider having different craft stations. You can set up all of the supplies for the Halloween crafts at a table and then have your guests rotate through the craft stations. Try to keep the crafts simple, but link them to your theme. For example, you can have the kids decorate small pumpkins with foam stickers or create monster puppets with brown lunch bags. Small children will enjoy a Play Doh station and a coloring station.

Party Games
Keep your little guests occupied, entertained and happy with seasonal games. You can prepare one to three group games as part of the party. Make sure to have small gifts for the winners of the games. Try out a variation on a classic game, like pin the tail on the black cat. Hold a relay race to see which team can wrap one of their teammates up like a mummy. Of course, bobbing for apples is always a good game to have at a Halloween party.

With these simple Halloween ideas, you can throw a party for your children and their friends that is sure to be remembered.

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