Create Your Own Ninja Costume

If you're going to create your own Ninja costume, you may want to know a little about ninjas first. That way, if someone asks you a question about what you are, you can say something more than "ninja." You'll look like you know what you're talking about if you know a couple ninja facts. The ninja comprised a defensive force of regular folks who trained in ninjutsu. Ninjutsu is a form of martial arts. The Ninja were trained in stealth, often hired to serve as spies, kidnappers, even assassins. That's enough. Now you are worthy to wear that homemade ninja costume. Here's how to make one.

Ninja costumes are easy to make, and don't usually require a trip to the store or a big expense. You'll need a couple of black t-shirts - at least one long-sleeved, a pair of black sweatpants or cotton pants, black cloth for a sash, black socks, black fitted gloves and black shoes. You'll also want some ninja-style weapons, such as a long, straight sword made out of cardboard and aluminum foil and possibly some weapon stars cut out of foil.

Here's why you need two black shirts. You will wear the long sleeved one. The other shirt will become your mask. Just put the shirt on partway - not all the way over your head, but just put your face through the head hole, leaving the back of the collar on top of your head, your eyes and nose peeking through the head hole and the rest of the shirt hanging down around your head. Then, tie the sleeves tightly behind your head. Adjust the mask so the top is down to your eyebrows. Fold the collar under itself a little so it looks smooth against your forehead. Then pull the bottom up just under your nose and fold it down and underneath a bit the same way for a smooth look.

Put on the black pants. Tie the long black cloth around your waist as many times as needed. You can slide the sword inside the sash to hold it, or wrap the sash around the sword handle a couple of times before tying the sash on.

For the black shoes, you can get an authentic look if you will be inside, and can wear socks. You need to alter the socks to become like "tabi." Tabi are the Japanese-style sock that have the big toe part separated from the rest of the toes for agility during climbing. You can easily alter your black socks by sewing a double seam between the big toe and the rest to give the tabi look. If you'll be outside, you may want to either purchase some Tabi shoes from a martial arts or costume store, or just wear plain black shoes and not worry about it.

Put on the black gloves and you're ready. Be sure to show off your new ninja knowledge.

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