Make Your Own Plus Size Costumes for Halloween

Halloween is a great time to show your pride in your plus size. Fun Halloween costumes aren't only for the stick thin, and by dressing yourself up and taking on a new persona, even those who wish they were slimmer can don a plus size costumes for Halloween and play the part of someone who is proud (as she should be!) of her stature and creativity!

What kind of costumes work for a plus-sized individual? Homemade plus size costumes are easy to make. Two great costumes can be made with sheets as their base material:

  1. The Statue of Liberty - take a grey sheet. Fold it in half. Cut a head hole at the fold. Pin the seams closed, or use fabric glue or stitch witchery, leaving holes for your arms. Get a green rope for a sash. Make a pointy headband with a hair band and craft foam cut into the crown shape you like. Make a torch with a paper towel roll and use yellow poster board for a flame. Put a flashlight inside to light it up.
  2. A Greek Goddess - Use a white sheet, and drape it over one shoulder. Wrap the rest around your waist. Purchase a gold rope at a craft store, and some gold and green craft leaves and a headband. Use pins to secure the sheet in place, and tie the rope around the middle. Wear sandals. For the crown, simply use glue to affix leaves all over the headband.

Plus size costumes can also be assembled from clothing items you may already own. A gypsy costume is a good idea for this. This is a versatile costume. You need a long skirt, a shawl or thin scarf of some kind, and a black or white dress shirt. Leave the shirt unbuttoned down a few buttons to show some cleavage. Drape the shawl over your shoulders. Add a scarf to your hair, and wear long dangly earrings. Wear lots of necklaces, too. You can also wear a long black skirt, long black shirt, and make a cape from a rectangular piece of fabric and a piece of elastic affixed to one side. Add a conical hat and a broom and you're a witch! A little black makeup (especially black lipstick!) can be used to add effects.

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