Halloween Decorating on a Budget

When it comes to decorating your home and yard for Halloween, things can get pricey, but you can make Halloween decorating easier on your budget without cutting back on frights. Focus on a few signature pieces, and embellish with low-cost Halloween decorations that transform any room into a creepy place.

Plastic Jack-O-Lanterns: Purchase these for around a dollar at retail or discount stores. Set them along the sidewalk and on the front steps with a few inches of sand or gravel in the bottom. Set either an electric candle or tea light candle inside, and, when it's dark, they'll glow eerily to light the way. You can also carefully cut these plastic pumpkins along the back and wrap them around exterior porch lights.

Tombstones: Make tombstones out of old cardboard boxes (get them from a retail store). Paint them gray, and add details like cracks. Paint on funny epitaphs, and line them up along the fence, on the porch or in the entryway. These will also work in the yard unless you get rain or snow.

Scarecrows and Zombies: Create creepy companions to decorate the porch or yard using old clothes destined for the thrift store. Stuff pants and shirts with newspaper or other clothes, and use gloves, boots and a hat to complete the scarecrow. A cheap plastic pumpkin makes the perfect head. Sit the scarecrow or zombie on a hay bale or patio chair with pumpkins scattered all around.

Light Bulbs: For easy Halloween party decorations, change the look of an ordinary room with colored light bulbs. Just exchange the regular bulbs with red, green or even purple to create an eerie glow. These bulbs can be used for exterior light fixtures as well.

Spider Webs: When a bag of spider webs and plastic spiders just cost a dollar or so, it's impossible to resist turning every corner, tabletop and doorway into a spider's home. Just stretch the cottony fibers out thin, and drape them across picture frames, mantles, light fixtures and door frames. Tuck in a plastic spider here, and there and any space will look scary.

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